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A top secret Shinra experimental specimen. A fragment of its carcass has fused with the robed individuals, granting it this twisted form. It is able to induce hallucinations that warp the very space around it.

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Jenova Emergent is a boss in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth fought at the end of Chapter 5, "Blood in the Water", in the Engine Room on the Shinra-8. The party members will be Cloud, Tifa, and Barret.



After losing a portion of its health, Jenova Emergent's head and shoulder become targetable and it becomes pressured. Destroying Jenova's parts will greatly increase stagger and stops her from using certain attacks, such as destroying the head stops Jenova from using Vengeance. Jenova Emergent's Pestilential Reckoning turns the arena in its vicinity into a damage floor.


When Jenova Emergent first becomes pressured, the player should use Focus abilities to quickly drive the stagger gauge. Destroying the head stops Jenova from using her laser attack. When Jenova Emergent is about to use Pestilential Reckoning, the player should move away from it.

Musical themes[]

"J-E-N-O-V-A - Emergence" plays during the battle. This version was arranged by Yoshinori Nakamura.


The dot (・) is an interpunct used in Japanese to indicate that a full proper noun is two separate words. It appears in Final Fantasy VII in the boss names of Jenova's parts and Sephiroth's boss forms.

Emergent is a term for coming into existence.

The Japanese names of Jenova∙BIRTH and Jenova∙LIFE alluded to Saṃsāra, the repeating cycle of birth, life, and death in Buddhism.

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