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A top secret Shinra experimental specimen. Information on it is scarce, but it is believed to induce hallucinations.

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Jenova Dreamweaver is a boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake fought during Chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos", fought in President Shinra's office in the Shinra Building.

Jenova Dreamweaver is an illusion of Jenova, caused by its ability to project false images to its victims. It is a grotesque creature with a skeletal head and various tentacles, resembling Jenova's forms from the original Final Fantasy VII.



The attacks used depend on the boss's battle phase.

  • Phase 1: 100–85%
  • Phase 2: 85–50%
  • Phase 3: 50–25%
  • Phase 4: <25%
Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magical damage
Attack Pic Phase Description Block KB(Knockback)
Magic damageSpace-Time Vortex All Creates homing black pools that cause Stop Stop for 5 seconds if touched. N N
Magic damageFira 1–2 Casts Fira Fira, dealing Fire Fire damage to one target. Y N
Magic damageAero 1–2 Casts Aero Aero, dealing Wind Wind damage to one target. Y N
Magic damageBio 1–2 Casts Bio Bio, dealing damage and Poison Poison for 180 seconds to one target. Y N
Physical damageTail Swipe 1–2, 4 Attacks with its tail. Y N
Physical damageTentacle Flail 1–2, 4 Attacks with its tentacles. Y N
Physical damageBind Jenova Bound from FFVII Remake 1–2, 4 Binds a player character with a tentacle and absorbs their HP. After gaining 1% of its max HP it will throw the victim away. Sustaining 1% of her max HP in damage, being hit with 2 abilities, or by a limit break, makes it release the target early.
Hard Mode: Replenishes its HP by 2% of its max HP
Magic damageHoming Missile 1–2, 4 Fires a projectile that homes in on a target. Y N
Physical damageCast Aside Cast Aside from FFVII Remake 1–2, 4 Jenova emits smoke followed by a shockwave to its vicinity that knocks anyone too close back. Y Y
Magic damageMourning Wail Mourning Wail from FFVII Remake 1–2, 4 Screeches while wind lashes around it, repelling physical attacks. N N
Reconstitution Reconstitution from FFVII Remake 1–2, 4 Regrows tentacles. - -
Rejection 2, 3–4 Bestows itself with Reflect, nullifying magic damage. - -
Resolution 2, 4 Bestows itself with Shield, nullifying physical damage. - -
Physical damageLight Beam 2–3, 4 A beam of light crashes down in a wide area. Often used after Jenova used Rejection. Y Y
Invulnerability 3 Covers itself with tentacles, becoming invulnerable to damage. - -
Dreams of Quietude Dreams of Quietude from FFVII Remake 3–4 Tentacle uses Quietude, inflicting Silence Silence. - -
Dreams of Flame Dreams of Flame from FFVII Remake 3 Tentacle uses Fira Fira, dealing Fire Fire damage to one target. - -
Dreams of Vengeance Dreams of Vengeance from FFVII Remake 3–4 Tentacle uses Vengeance. - -
Magic damageFiraga 4 Uses Firaga Firaga, dealing severe Fire Fire damage to one target. Y N
Magic damageAeroga 4 Uses Aeroga Aeroga, dealing severe Wind Wind damage to one target. Y N
Magic damageBioga 4 Uses Bioga Bioga, dealing severe damage to one target and inflicting them with Poison Poison for 240 seconds. Y N
Magic damageDreams of Sanctuary Dreams of Sanctuary from FFVII Remake 4 Bestows itself and its tentacles with Barrier Barrier for 20 seconds. - -
Magic damageDreams of Spirituality Dreams of Spirituality from FFVII Remake 4 Bestows itself and its tentacles with Manaward Manaward for 20 seconds. - -
Magic damageVengeance Vengeance from FFVII Remake All Charges and releases a black beam at a target. Y Y
Magic damageQuietude Quietude from FFVII Remake All Deploys homing red orbs that cause Silence Silence for 15 seconds if touched. Y N
Magic damageBlack Rain 4 Rain pours down that drains the party's MP and replenishes Jenova's HP. N N


Crippling a tentacle.

The player uses Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith, while Red XIII fights alongside them independently as a guest. The boss is fought in several phases. Jenova has no elemental weaknesses, but its left and right tentacles are its weak spots. Jenova resists magic and even tier 3 spells do poor damage against it.

In the first phase, Jenova Dreamweaver has left and right tentacles, which can be crippled. While the tentacles are up, Jenova is hard to stagger. It slashes party with its tentacles, including the one behind it, which cannot be harmed. To damage Jenova effectively, the tentacles must be crippled, pressuring it. The phase ends once Jenova's HP has been reduced by 1/4.


In the second phase, Jenova still has its tentacles, but takes on new abilities, such as switching places and causing harmful rain after moving, and generating a moving field, which can damage and occasionally inflicts Stop Stop and Silence Silence. It uses Vengeance to cause concentrated heavy damage to a single target and makes itself invulnerable to either physical or magical damage. In this phase, the moving field must be avoided, and the tentacles crippled like in the first phase. After about half of its HP is down, the phase ends.

In the third phase, Jenova surrounds itself with an impenetrable barrier and brings out a multitude of tentacles that must be taken out quickly, otherwise, they use Vengeance of their own against a single target. If there are too many tentacles, it will be a certain KO for the target. Like in the second phase, Jenova uses the moving field, but won't switch places. To harm the main body, the other tentacles must be taken out. After enough have been destroyed, Jenova is pressured and can be staggered. The player must be quick about it, or else more tentacles spawn, and Jenova becomes invulnerable again. Once Jenova has been damaged enough, the phase ends.

In the fourth and final phase, Jenova uses a combination of all its skills. The player will have to concentrate not only on attacking Jenova but the tentacles that spawn. To stagger Jenova, the player must cripple the left and right tentacles.


Aside from invulnerability in the third phase, Jenova Dreamweaver is susceptible to Poison Poison, which can make damaging it somewhat easier, so the player can bring the Poison Materia Poison Materia. Barrier Materia Barrier Materia can be used to grant defensive buffs against Jenova's more damaging abilities. Inflicting Silence Silence on it makes Jenova unable to cast its magic spells.

Aerith can stand back and be the support while Cloud and Tifa go in to attack in close range. When Jenova puts up its barrier that repels physical attacks, the player can switch to Aerith and cast spells under the effects of Arcane Ward. Once Mourning Wail ends, the player can switch back to Cloud and Tifa and attack the tentacles. Tifa may be a good character to use to take out the numerous tentacles that spawn around the floor when the player needs to work fast, as she is the fastest party member, and can be made even faster with the Haste Haste spell. Rise and Fall is great for taking out the tentacles. To move in quickly, the player can also close the gap with Cloud's Focused Thrust and Tifa's Overpower.

When Jenova becomes immune to magic, Cloud and Tifa must attack the tentacles while Aerith provides support. Defeating the newly appearing tentacles raises Jenova Dreamweaver's stagger gauge, and after a wave are defeated, it will temporarily become vulnerable to damage until more tentacles appear, meaning Cloud should use Punisher Mode and build its stagger further. When the boss is staggered, Tifa's martial techniques with Unbridled Strength can be used to increase the damage it receives, and this is also the best time to use any limit breaks.

Any summons are best used for the final phase. When the moving dark pools appear it is best to run and avoid them, as touching them inflicts Stop.

Hard Mode[]

Aerith should use Lightning Materia Lightning Materia paired with MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia to cast spells in an MP-efficient way. Time Materia Time Materia is best used to counteract Jenova's Stop by pairing it with Warding Materia Warding Materia. Magnify Materia Magnify Materia should be paired either with Barrier Materia Barrier Materia or Healing Materia Healing Materia. As with most hard mode battles, casting Regen Regen provides a good MP-efficient form of healing. Parry Materia Parry Materia is useful on Tifa to provide mobility to escape many of Jenova Dreamweaver's attacks. Elemental Materia Elemental Materia can also be paired with Fire Materia Fire Materia in someone's armor to absorb some of Jenova's fire-based attacks.

The later phases of the battle are more challenging. Prayer Materia Prayer Materia provides an MP-efficient way to heal, and if Refocus Materia Refocus Materia is used (preferably with Spectral Cogwheel on Aerith and Transference Module with Tifa), ATB bars can be filled quicker, allowing Pray to be used more easily.

Defeating Jenova Dreamweaver will reward Tifa's Way of the Fist Vol. XIV.

Musical themes[]

The third phase of "J-E-N-O-V-A - Quickening"

"J-E-N-O-V-A - Quickening" plays during the battle. The track has three arrangements of Jenova's theme, the first two are new orchestral arrangements, while the third resembles the original theme. This version was arranged by Tadayoshi Makino.



"Dreamweaver" refers to it being an illusion projected by Jenova.

The "Beat" in its Japanese name refers to the prenatal heartbeat, a stage of development preceding birth. In some foreign language versions the enemy is called "Jenova Pulse" referring to the same thing. The name of the musical track that accompanies the battle still retains the allusion, being named "Jenova Quickening". The term "quickening" refers to the action of bringing someone, or something, to life, as well as the feeling of stimulation or excitement. The track starts with the sound of a thumping heart.

Though named Jenova Dreamweaver in the game's final English localization, the data in the leaked demo build indicates that it was originally localized as "Jenova PULSE" at some point prior to the game's release, a name that was kept for the Italian localization (as "Jenova Pulse"). It is named "Jenova-Puls" in the German localization, "Jénova-PULSATION" in the French localization, "Jenova Onírica" in the Portuguese localization, and "Jénova Alfa" in the Spanish localization.

The name is in continuation with the naming of the Jenova bosses in the original Final Fantasy VII—Birth, Life, Death and Synthesis—Jenova "Pulse" preceding Jenova∙BIRTH.