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Red, jelly-like entity. Absorbs fire damage.

Jellies in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are plasma-like monsters that are related to the Cream and Ice Flan. They follow the flan mold of having a huge Defense stat but being very weak to magical spells. In the Jelly's case, it absorbs Fire damage but can be destroyed easily with nearly any other elemental spell.



Jelly command. Attack with superheated body.
Ability Effect MP
Acid Corrosive liquid. Inflicts random status ailment. 12
Sacrifice Self-KO. Heals ally's HP and status ailments.
Fire Generates damaging ball of flame.
Fira Powerful fire spell. Deals great damage.
Firaga Most powerful fire spell. Deals incredible damage.


Ability Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.



Mission Information
Mission #093: Flan Breakout! Two Jellies, two Ice Flans, and a Cream are devouring the Salikawood's trees. Bring an Illusionist to make the battle easy.
Mission #059: Sketchy Thief The Thief here uses a magical sketchbook to bring a not-very-artful Jelly to life.

Clan encountersEdit

Home base Clan Information
Roda Volcano Roda Dragons The Jelly here takes pleasure in healing itself and the Bomb with Fire-based magic.
Gotor Sands Wild Monsters Take caution to not heal the Jelly with a Fire spell meant to damage the Grenade or Icedrake.



In the U.S. and Canada, jelly refers to a clear or translucent fruit spread made from sweetened fruit (or vegetable) juice—thus differing from jam by excluding the fruit's flesh—and is set by using its naturally occurring pectin, whereas outside North America jelly usually refers to a gelatin-based dessert.

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