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Toughest antlion. Bites on and doesn't let go.


The Jawbreaker in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a powerful, red upgrade of the Antlion. It knows two level-dependent spells and attacks ruthlessly with its jaws.



Jawbreaker command. Bite enemies hard.

Ability Effect MP
LV 3 Def-Less Lowers magic res. and weapon def. in units with levels divisible by 3. 12
LV 5 Death KO's units with levels divisible by 5.
Suffocate Choking attack. target loses next turn.



Mission Prerequisites Information
Mission #051: Desert Rose The Jawbreaker is this battle is assisted by two of its Antlion brethren and two Red Panthers.
Mission #065: Exploration Free Gotor Sands The Jawbreaker here starts out far away from the party on a high elevation, to take it out with magic before it gets close.
Mission #022: To Ambervale Complete Mission #021: Hidden Vein The level 25 Jawbreaker is actually the least dangerous enemy here, as the player must also deal with a Thundrake, Lilith, Coeurl, and Big Malboro.
Mission #094: Sorry, Friend Complete Mission #020: Present Day The escaped Jawbreaker is the only enemy in this mission. It is level 34, so exercise caution when venturing in for melee attacks.
Turf Defense Mission: Help Giza! Free Giza Plains The Jawbreaker in this turf defense mission starts out on the leftmost side of the battlefield. It is wise to KO the two Antlions before making a beeline for their red cousin.

Clan encountersEdit

Home base Clan Information
Eluut Sands Antlions This Jawbreaker is backed up by two Antlions, a Toughskin, and a Bomb.
Aisenfield Aisen Ghosts Focus on the enemy Tonberry and Zombies before taking care of the Jawbreaker.
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