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I suppose if one does not die in the attempt, one eventually becomes rather good at slaying dragons.

Jantellot de Thelomaire

Jantellot de Thelomaire is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He leads the Convictors, a group of petty nobles and penniless commoners who dream of the fame that comes with slaying a dragon.


While searching for Lady Iceheart, Estienien suggests consulting the Convictors for information. When asked about it, Jantellot is rude and says he has no information about the heretic's whereabouts.

Jantellot shows the Warrior of Light what the life of the Convictors is like and makes him hunt several dragons, later he reveals that he will collect the body of the dragons and declare it as his hunt.

Though the end of the Dragonsong War robbed them of this opportunity for glory, the Convictors have found purpose anew patrolling Coerthas's myriad thoroughfares, seeking instead the heads of lawless bandits and the satisfaction that comes with protecting the realm from wrongdoing.[1]




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