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Jamar Armor is a boss in Final Fantasy VII. It is the chest piece of the Proud Clod, created by Scarlet and Heidegger. Its sole purpose is to allow the Proud Clod access the Materia-Jammer ability, and it has no attacks of its own. It is recommended to destroy the armor regardless as it awards more EXP and AP than the Proud Clod itself, and also holds just as much gil, which would not be awarded if the Proud Clod was defeated first.



# Formation
844 Proud Clod, Jamar Armor
845 Proud Clod, Jamar Armor
846 Proud Clod, Jamar Armor
847 Proud Clod, Jamar Armor
973 Proud Clod, Jamar Armor


Sector 8 (Raid on Midgar event)
Bridge 844 (event)
Battle Square
Special Battle - Battle 8 973


The name is a mistransliteration of "Jammer Armor", as named in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. This refers to its role in the "Materia-jammer" ability of the Proud Clod.


  • Jamar Armor most likely acts as the entry hatch into the machine itself, as it opens up when Heidegger and Scarlet emerge from inside the Proud Clod.

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