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Jakoh Wahcondalo.

Jakoh Wahcondolo (ジャコ・ワーコンダロ, Jako Wākondaro?) is a non-playable Mithra from Final Fantasy XI. Born 852, she is the current Mithra Chieftainness of Kazham.


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Jakoh Wahcondalo's mother, a mercenary by trade, took her daughter with her to the Marquisate of Tavnazia. Since her mother was often absent due to her profession, Jakoh received her education at a famous private school in the Marquisate's capital.

In 863 (when Jakoh was eleven) the Crystal War descended upon the Tavnazia. Through her mother's insistence, Jakoh was accepted aboard a departing refugee merchant vessel. The ship, however, capsized, leaving Jakoh clinging to a piece of the battered vessel for days until she was eventually picked up by the Bastore pirate Gilgamesh.

In the year of 871, a maturing Jakoh had learned the life of a pirate in Norg. While sailing around the shoreline of Elshimo Island, the Bastore pirates became embroiled in a territorial dispute with the fisherwomen of Kazham. With neither side willing to back down, it was decided that the question of territory would be answered by the outcome of a duel between two chosen champions.

For whatever reason, Jakoh Wahcondalo was chosen as the pirate's champion, event though she had yet to raise a blade in battle. Her opponent was to be the boomerang-wielding "Headhunter Polly", one of the most renowned warriors in Kazham. To the amazement of all those present, Jakoh defeated her experienced adversary using nothing more than a single dagger, a keepsake from her mercenary mother. The deed catapulted her to hero status overnight.

The Jakoh's duel (Jakoh with the knife).

Impressed by the young Mithra, the then Chieftainness Romaa Mihgo kept her side of the bargain by surrendering part of Kazham's territorial waters. In addition, Romaa also proposed the export of foodstuffs to the supply-poor pirates, on the condition that Jakoh consent to become a citizen of Kazham. With Gilgamesh's blessing Jakoh chose to leave Norg and take up a position as Romaa's assistant and bodyguard.

In 879, Romaa Mihgo declared her retirement and elected Jakoh as her replacement. This decision caused Romaa's daughter, Nanaa Mihgo, to leave Kazham in anger. After assuming the position of Chieftainness, Jakoh used her negotiating skills and the intelligence gathered by her pirate allies to vastly improve Kazham's economic standing. She transformed what had previously been an isolated settlement into an independent power that demanded the respect of the Mithran homeland to the south, and the nation of Windurst to the north.

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Missions and Quests[]

  • Windurst Mission 7-2: Awakening of the Gods
  • Zilart Mission 3: Kazham's Chieftainess
  • A Question of Taste
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Everyone's Grudging
  • Tuning Out

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  • Jakoh's life story is part of an article in the Vana'diel Tribune II, Issue No. 15.