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Who are you? This is garif land. No place for hume-children to play at games.

Garif Warrior

Jahara is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is the home to the remote tribe of the garif. It is not a technologically advanced city like Rabanastre or Bhujerba, but a land whose people live close to nature and subsist by hunting.

Sage Knowledge[]

A garif village in Bancour. Here, a chieftain elder watches of the old ways, and so administers the tribe. Though many other villages dot the area, there is little direct communication between them. The garif have worshiped magicite since ancient times, and tribal legends tend much wisdom concerning the Stones. When the time is right, the elders teach these lesson to the youth of the village, and, on rare occasion, to visitors from other lands. Abhorring machinery and iron, much of the garif material culture is based on wood and stone and other unmanufactured things. Their houses made of grass and strips of leather allow a breeze to pass through, and are uniquely suited to the hot, arid climate. On the hill overlooking the village is a meeting lodge, warmed always by a bonfire. Near the lodge are the elders' huts, and below the hill is a clearing ringed by a healer's hut, and the tents of craftsmen, as well as a place to take care of the livestock, called "nanna" in the garif tongue. Dalmasca has for many years honored the ways of the garif, and so kept up a peaceful trade and relations with this isolated people.


Jahara is located in the Bancour region, across the banks of the Sogoht River. It is only accessible by going through the Ozmone Plain.

Garif playing a board-game in the village.

  • Banks of the Sogoht (to Ozmone Plain)
  • Lull of the Land
  • The Elderknoll
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The original version has no treasure in Jahara. However, they do appear in the Zodiac versions.

A chest containing a Pheasant Netsuke can be found in the town. It will always appear, but does not respawn. The other chest contains generic treasures.

The Elderknoll[]

Chest Spawns Holds Gil% Gil Normal Treasure Diamond Armlet Treasure
1[note 1] 100% 0% N/A Pheasant Netsuke
2 25% 80% ≤ 10 gil Reverse Mote Common Rare
Knot of Rust Meteorite (B)
  1. Chest does not respawn


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Since the garif shun technology, the village has not changed much over the years. Seven centuries ago, the Occuria, knowing the garif worshiped magicite, gave them some nethicite. However, even the wisest garif knew not how to use the stones, and, as such, the Occuria took the nethicite and gave it to someone more knowledgeable, King Raithwall, the Dynast King. This is one of the many stories passed down in Jahara.

Ashe hears that the Dawn Shard has lost its power.

Ashe and Vaan on the Jahara bridge.

During Final Fantasy XII Princess Ashe wants to fight the Empire with a piece of deifacted nethicite, the Dawn Shard. Even though she has witnessed the stone's amazing strength, by having seen it destroy Dreadnought Leviathan and the entire Archadian 8th Fleet, she has no idea how to harness the stone's power. Fran tells her that the garif down at Jahara might know, as magicite lore is part of their culture.

The party arrives at Jahara and are granted entrance as a garif warrior has seen them crossing the Ozmone Plain on foot. They talk to the Great-chief Uball-Ka, but to Ashe's disappointment the Great-chief tells her the garif don't know how to use the stones, and what worse, that the Dawn Shard has lost its power as the Mist trapped inside the stone was drained when it unleashed its power on the Leviathan, rendering it useless as a weapon.

The party is met by Larsa Solidor of the ruling family of Archades who has come looking for Ashe, as he has a plan to prevent the war looming above the nations. Ashe is reluctant to follow with Larsa's plan, and during the night she takes a walk on the village proper. She is met by a ghostly vision of her late husband, Lord Rasler. Vaan sees Ashe wandering about the village and tells her that he, too, can see the vision.

Vaan and Ashe have a chat on the village bridge. Vaan tells Ashe he is through running away from his problems, and from now on will try and actually do something and not just stand aside.

The next morning Ashe promises to accompany Larsa to Mt Bur-Omisace to meet the Gran Kiltias.

Spoilers end here.


Jaya Stick[]

Upon arriving at Jahara, the player must talk to garif until they receive a Jaya Stick from high-chief Zayalu in Lull of the Land area. Talking to Supinelu in the west exit and choosing the first option twice allows the party to see the elder. The Jaya Stick is taken from the inventory and given to Supinelu. However, the player can sell the Jaya Stick for 500 gil and still be let through. If the player gives Jaya Stick to Supinelu they will eventually get Bowgun (original)/Recurve Crossbow (Zodiac versions) and Onion Bolts. If they sold it, they will obtain Killer Bow and Onion Arrows instead.


XII enkelados render.png

The Enkelados is the weakest Rank II Mark and becomes available after the player can access Ozmone Plain. It can be found in The Shred and can only be encountered after the player has killed all of the Wus in the area. It is petitioned by low-chief Sugumu in Jahara.

Ixtab is a Rank II Mark found in the Phase 1 - Shaft area of the Henne Mines. It becomes available to hunt after the storyline events in Eruyt Village are complete. It is petitioned by High-chief Zayalu in Jahara.

The Mindflayer is a Rank IV Mark found in the Phase 1 Dig area if the party has full MP. The hunt becomes available after felling Judge Bergan at Mt Bur-Omisace. While the hunt is undertaken, a garif named Asdalu can be spoken to in the Staging Shaft of the Henne Mines. The hunt is petitioned by Warrior Guromu in Jahara.

The Catoblepas is a Rank VI Mark whose hunt becomes available after the events in Giruvegan. Catoblepas can be found in the Zertinan Caverns and is petitioned by War-chief Supinelu in Jahara.

Judge Hausen[]

Judge Hausen.

If the player returns to the village after entering the Eruyt Village the first time, the party finds Larsa's bodyguard who gives the party three Hi-Potions and an Ether. He disappears after the events in Henne Mines.

Great cockatrice escape quest[]

Shurry in Jahara.

A cockatrice escaped from Giza Plains called Shurry is in Lull of the Land area of Jahara after the party finishes the events in Draklor Laboratory. The player must speak to the garif next to her, then Shurry, then talk to the garif again and tell him the bird comes from the Giza Plains. The Great-Chief will then give a gift to Shurry. The player must speak to the garif next to Shurry again to get the reward: Platinum Dagger.


Geomancer Yugelu.

After obtaining ten Espers the player can talk to the Geomancer Yugelu in the village and he will open a new path in the Henne Mines that leads to Zodiark.


The items available for purchase change throughout the game. These items may not all be available at the same time.

Garif Trader[]


Name Cost
Partisan 3,500 gil
Main Gauche 3,500 gil
Battle Bamboo 3,200 gil
Kotetsu 3,800 gil
Bowgun 3,800 gil
Sirius 4,000 gil
Elfin Bow 4,200 gil
Broadaxe 4,200 gil
Serpent Rod 2,100 gil
Lohengrin 4,500 gil
Heavy Lance 4,800 gil
Osafune 4,800 gil
Gladius 4,800 gil
Musk Stick 4,300 gil
Gilt Measure 4,300 gil
Bhuj 4,100 gil
Flame Staff 2,400 gil
Storm Staff 2,400 gil
Glacial Staff 2,400 gil
After visiting Eruyt Village
Flametongue 5,200 gil
Loxley Bow 5,200 gil
War Hammer 5,200 gil
Crossbow 5,200 gil
Healing Rod 3,000 gil
Betelgeuse 5,400 gil
Name Cost
Flametongue 4,000 gil
Magoroku 4,000 gil
Iron Pole 4,230 gil
Slasher 4,000 gil
Main Gauche 4,230 gil
Miter 3,650 gil
Flame Staff 2,250 gil
Lohengrin 3,200 gil
Heavy Lance 3,500 gil
Longbow 4,600 gil
Sirius 2,600 gil
Chopper 3,200 gil
Paramina Crossbow 3,300 gil
Healing Rod 2,590 gil


Name Cost
Soldier's Cap 1,400 gil
Heavy Coat 1,400 gil
Lambent Hat 1,400 gil
Chanter's Djellaba 1,400 gil
Winged Helm 2,500 gil
Chainmail 2,500 gil
Green Beret 1,900 gil
Survival Vest 1,900 gil
Feathered Cap 1,900 gil
Traveler's Vestment 1,900 gil
Golden Helm 3,200 gil
Golden Armor 3,200 gil
Golden Shield 2,100 gil
Red Cap 2,500 gil
Brigandine 2,500 gil
After visiting Eruyt Village
Mage's Hat 2,500 gil
Mage's Habit 2,500 gil
Burgonet 4,000 gil
Shielded Armor 4,000 gil
Ice Shield 2,500 gil
Name Cost
Green Beret 1,900 gil
Survival Vest 1,900 gil
Feathered Cap 1,900 gil
Traveler's Vestment 1,900 gil
Golden Helm 3,100 gil
Golden Armor 2,900 gil
Ice Shield 2,500 gil
Soldier's Cap 1,400 gil
Heavy Coat 1,400 gil
Lambent Hat 1,400 gil
Chanter's Djellaba 1,400 gil
Winged Helm 2,400 gil
Chainmail 2,300 gil
Golden Shield 2,000 gil


Name Cost
Name Cost
Magick Gloves 3,000 gil
Blazer Gloves 3,000 gil
Nishijin Belt 800 gil
Black Belt 600 gil
Rose Corsage 800 gil
Leather Gorget 1,200 gil
Tourmaline Ring 300 gil
Steel Gorget 1,300 gil
Argyle Armlet 600 gil
Bangle 500 gil


Name Cost
Name Cost
Stona 800 gil
Fira 2,700 gil
Bleed 1,200 gil
Stop 900 gil
Cura 2,000 gil
Aero 1,200 gil
Gravity 2,300 gil
Raise 1,800 gil
Aqua 700 gil
Disable 700 gil


Name Cost
Onion Arrows 100 gil
Onion Bolts 100 gil
Onion Shot 100 gil
Onion Bombs 100 gil
Name Cost


Name Cost
Shear 3,600 gil
Achilles 8,800 gil
Gil Toss 2,000 gil
Charm 5,000 gil
After visiting Eruyt Village
Sight Unseeing 6,800 gil
Infuse 2,000 gil
Name Cost
Traveler 4,800 gil
Poach 5,000 gil
Horology 2,000 gil
Charge 1,500 gil


Name Cost
Potion 70 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Phoenix Down 250 gil
Echo Herbs 50 gil
Gold Needle 100 gil
Alarm Clock 50 gil
Handkerchief 50 gil
Hi-Potion 210 gil
Bacchus's Wine 120 gil
Smelling Salts 50 gil
Name Cost
Hi-Potion 180 gil
Nu Khai Sand 50 gil
Chronos Tear 60 gil
Gold Needle 80 gil
Prince's Kiss 50 gil
Handkerchief 50 gil
Phoenix Down 200 gil
Echo Herbs 50 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Potion 60 gil

Musical themes[]

The theme that plays in Jahara is called "Jahara, Land of the Garif" (ガリフの地ジャハラ, Garifu no chi Jahara?).


The map can be bought in the Banks of the Sogoht for 30 gil.

Map 16 Jahara.png

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Jahara FFXII Special.png
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Behind the scenes[]

When going through the Ozmone Plain for Jahara, the player might spot a garif picking on a chocobo. This is actually Supinelu, training alone in the plain: depending on if he falls or survives by the time the party reaches the village, the player gets different dialogue from him once in Jahara.



The name "Jahara" maybe derive from real world locations, such as "Sahara", a great desert in North Africa, or "Al Jahra", an agricultural city in Kuwait.