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I saw something of the sort written in some documents I chanced upon during my visit to Draklor. The Naldoan Sea, the Ridorana Cataract, and the Pharos Lighthouse. I sent my fleet to fish out the truth behind these words... and caught trouble.


The Jagd Naldoa is a region in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is jagd territory, and thus airships cannot cross it unless outfitted with a special skystone. The region is mainly ocean, with only a few islands.


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Ridorana Cataract[]

Ridorana Cataract.

The cataract is a hole in the ocean that draws in water, creating furious tides. Combined with the jagd effect, this makes it impossible to reach the island located on the cataract's edge by conventional means. The island looks like it a part of it has ripped off, indicating there could have been more to it before the cataract pulled it down.

The Pharos[]

The Pharos.

A tower on the cataract's edge houses the Sun-Cryst, the nethicite made by the gods and given to man so that he may shape the history of Ivalice. The Cryst gives off an eerie light from the top of the tower, which is how it became known as the Pharos.

The tower is over 100 floors tall, divided into three levels, and is infested with monsters. The only people permitted to set foot here are the Dynast King, Raithwall, and his descendants, such as Princess Ashe. The Sun-Cryst is guarded by the Esper, Hashmal the Bringer of Order. It also has a lower section called the Subterra.

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