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Jagd Emissaries waiting to ambush Clan Nutsy.

Lawless "jagd" where ghostly voices are heard.


Jagd Helje (ヤクトヘルジェ, Yakuto Heruje?) is a Jagd location from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It becomes accessible to the player's clan after completion of "Mission #064: Den of Evil", and therefore it does not become available in any particular order in relation to the two other Jagds. Jagd Helje is the site of "Mission #029: Wanted!" and "Mission #095: Carrot!" It can be freed in "Mission #260: Jagd Helje" after the main game is cleared.


  • "Mission #029: Wanted!"

This Month's Wanted! Killer Rayne: 45000 gil
Fearsome female assassin
Said to know all the skills of her trade
Hiding in Jagd Helje

  • "Mission #095: Carrot!"

Oh my, what to do? My pet, Carrot, is hiding in her house and won't come out! Bring a spear, you may need it!

Mrs. Nanabu
  • "Mission #260: Jagd Helje"

I dropped something very important to me in a ruin in Jagd Helje. Please find it!

Ekal, Astrologer


Jagd Emissaries[]

Appears from the jagds to spread ill-will and chaos. Detests the laws in all its forms.


Turf Defense[]

Help Helje![]