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The Jagd Difohr is a region in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is Jagd territory, and thus airships cannot travel over it without using special skystones. The region is covered mostly in forest, but deep within lies an ancient city.


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Golmore Jungle[]

A jungle with many ferocious beasts. The viera make the jungle their home and live among its very branches. The viera refer to it as "The Wood". Within it sleeps the guardian of Golmore Jungle, the Elder Wyrm.

Eruyt Village[]

Village of the viera, situated deep in the Golmore Jungle. Entrance is hidden by vision dust that clouds the minds of any other race than the viera themselves.


Thick Mist covers the woods. Many people have tried crossing them, only to get lost forever. At the end of the woods is a giant gate, which can only be opened by the Gigas when a person has walked the path of illusions. Also within the woods is a "wild" flower, the Rafflesia.


The lost Holy City, once home to the Occuria. However, several centuries ago, the Occuria sealed up their city and left the realm of mortals. As such, the city fell into decay, with only monsters roaming its many halls, and a thick mist covering every area. Shemhazai the Whisperer is guarding the way to the Occuria.

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