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Bloodthirsters in Jagd Ahli.

Lawless "jagd" destroyed by its own wild magic.

Jagd Ahli (ヤクトアーリー, Yakuto ārī?) is a jagd location from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and can be placed after "Mission #065: Exploration" is cleared. It is the second of the three jagds accessible by Clan Nutsy. It can be freed in "Mission #259: Jagd Ahli" after the main game is cleared.


  • "Mission #030: Wanted!"
This Month's Wanted! Dark Duke Lodion: 22600 gil [Warning: Very Dangerous!]
Powerful Magic
Numerous followers
Active in Jagd Ahli
  • "Mission #096: Shadow Clan".
[Clan Nutsy]! If you truly believe you are the strongest clan in Ivalice, we ShadowClan, challenge you!
—Hanzo, ShadowClan Boss
  • "Mission #259: Jagd Ahli"
I'm thinking of building a gladitorial arena in Jagd Ahli. A lawless sport in a lawless zone! Help me find a good spot.
—Pakanon, Architect



Dark beings from the lawless jagds, come to drag the living down into darkness.


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The word ahli can mean "member", "someone who knows something" and "someone in a certain group/organization/association" in Indonesian and Malay languages, but the use of the word varies greatly with different terms and grammar systems.

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