Entrance of Jadd.

Welcome to Jadd. Davias rules this town. I hate it.

Jadd citizen

Jadd (ジャド, Jado?) is a town in Final Fantasy Adventure.

Story[edit | edit source]

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When Sumo arrives at the entrance to Jadd, he tells the Chocobo to wait for him at the entrance. Sumo searches for Amanda alone and learns that Jadd is ruled by Davias who lives in the huge mansion up to the northwest of town. The townfolk are not very fond of him. Sumo goes to meet him anyway, and he's warned by Davias that he better behave himself while he's in town. He mentions to him that he knows Amanda, and she went to the Cave of Medusa. And that nobody ever came back from there. Sumo leaves Jadd, takes his chocobo and heads into the desert to find this cave.

Sumo brings the Fang to the boy in Jadd, and being given the clue: Palm trees.. and 8. Sumo heads back into the desert in search of the entrance to the cave.

After acquiring the tears from the Cave of Medusa, Sumo returns to Jadd and goes to see Davias in his chamber. Davias not there, Sumo uses the tears on the parrot and Lester is release from the curse. Lester thanks him, but Sumo breaks the news that Amanda sacrificed herself to save him. He ask Sumo if he'll help him avenge his sister with him, and he agrees. The both of them venture deeper into Davias' Mansion.

After Davias' defeat, Lester tells Sumo that his harp's tune will clear the poison gas in the northern cliffs and he'll stay in Jadd playing a requiem for his sister. Sumo bids him farewell and leaves Jadd to continue his journey. For a parting gift, Lester gives him the Magic Book of Mute.

After Julius's Defeat, Sumo visit Lester in Jadd.

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Shops[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

Name Cost
FFA Potion Icon.pngX-Cure 160 GP
FFA Potion Icon.pngPure 30 GP
FFA Potion Icon.pngEyedrp 60 GP
FFA Potion Icon.pngSoft 90 GP
FFA Potion Icon.pngMoogle 120 GP
FFA Key Icon.pngKey 15 GP
FFA Mattock Icon.pngMattok 60 GP

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Cost
FFA Shield Icon.pngGold 920 GP
FFA Helmet Icon.pngGold 680 GP
FFA Armor Icon.pngGold 1,300 GP

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The player can kill the NPCs found within the town, but they have lot of HP and they do not yield the player any experience points or GP. Since NPCs can be hit, this can be used to "push" them out of the player's way and allow Sumo to pass through if they are blocking the way.
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