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Feels a strong sense of duty to defeat Chaos. With no hesitation to kill monsters that stand in his way, he pulverizes them with no mercy.

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Jack Garland is the main protagonist of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. He is an otherworldly stranger, that knows little of his past beyond an overwhelming urge to find and kill Chaos.[1]


Before Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins[]

Jack Garland is the Garland from the original Final Fantasy. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin depicts one interpretation of his backstory and how he became an antagonist.

Jack originates from the Lufenian realm of Paradise, a veteran agent of an group known as Strangers who are deployed to World A in a cycle of continuing the Lufenians' hold on Cornelia via the chaos. Given a Dark Crystal which removes his memories so he would not give into emotion and be consumed in chaos, Garland gradually learns the truth during a previous mission and gives his crystal to Princess Sarah before forming a plan with his comrades and Astos to wrest control of Cornelia from the Lufenians. However, Garland loses his memories upon returning to Paradise. He is then sent back to World A with his memories erased, having only a burning desire to kill Chaos.

Arriving in Cornelia[]

Jack arrives in Cornelia at the same time as Jed and Ash, the three meeting due to the resonances of their Dark Crystals. The three of them went off to exterminate monsters under orders of the King of Cornelia in order to gain his trust and finally breach the Chaos Shrine.



Jack is a tall muscular man with light skin, with dirty blond hair kept in a short crop. He has a prominent horizontal scar running over the bridge of his nose and short stubble around his mouth and on his chin. His initial attire, dubbed "Stranger's" clothes in-game, consist of a dark-colored, asymmetric, button-up short-sleeved t-shirt, black pants, black lace-up boots, and black, worn, fingerless gloves with white wraps underneath them. This outfit is decidedly "modern" compared to the clothes of other characters, and is Lufenian in origin.

Before the events of the game, Jack wore lightly armored white garments with a capelette, featuring blue highlights and gold trimming, and a dark undershirt, dark fingerless gloves with golden-colored forearm guards, black pants and white and gold boots.

As the knight Garland, Jack wears a dark armor and a horned helmet that is described as "terrifying to behold".


All I care about is seeing Chaos dead. I need to. It's not a hope or a dream. It's like a hunger. A thirst.


Jack is rude and single-minded, focused solely on his quest to kill Chaos, often interrupting others or dismissing them outright when they present information he deems irrelevant to this goal. Even with allies, he's blunt and taciturn, preferring not to mince his words or embellish the truth. Jack is often brutal in combat, even deriving pleasure from defeating and destroying strong opponent. Occasionally he uses crass language to address his enemies. Despite his demeanor, Jack has a caring side and holds deep attachments to his allies and comrades. He strives for a purpose after losing his original goal of killing Chaos.

Before he was like this, Jack was more caring and friendly with some sense of humor, amicable with Princess Sarah, even entrusting his Dark Crystal to her. He showed a great sense of camaraderie with Astos and disgust with the actions of fellow Lufenians, even deciding to rebel against them in order to eliminate their influence from Cornelia.


Jack is a male given name and sometimes as a surname. In English it is traditionally used as the diminutive form of the name John, though it is also often given as a proper name in its own right.

The name Jack is unique in the English language for the frequency of its use as a verb and a noun for many common objects and actions; and also its use in many compound words and phrases: jack-of-all-trades, jackknife, jackpot, jack tar, hijack, union jack, jack straw (scarecrow), apple jack, lumberjack, jackhammer, jackdaw, jack o'lantern, jack-off, jack-in-the-box, jack of clubs (playing cards), etc. The varied uses are traceable to the common use of the word as a by-name of a man.

A garland is a wreath of flowers worn on the head, usually given to great military heroes in ancient Greece and Rome, not unlike the medals of today are. They were also sometimes left on the graves of fallen soldiers. In reference to Garland, the name may be symbolic, as he was a great hero who had "fallen" (corrupted by evil), possible a reference to the original Garland being killed in the first dungeon the player completes in Final Fantasy. The name may also stem from a garland being something that forms a loop, alluding to the time loop in which the first Garland in Final Fantasy becomes involved.