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Jack is a secret character in Chocobo Racing, originally starring as the main character in Square's earlier title The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner. Jack can be unlocked once the player completes story mode ten times, and he can be selected by holding the L2 and R2 buttons over Squall on the character select screen. Jack runs in races by foot and is one of the shortest characters in the game. These characteristics also make Jack, along with Cactuar, the slowest racer in the game. He is, however, much faster in reverse.


Jack is a male given name and sometimes as a surname. In English it is traditionally used as the diminutive form of the name John, though it is also often given as a proper name in its own right.

The name Jack is unique in the English language for the frequency of its use as a verb and a noun for many common objects and actions; and also its use in many compound words and phrases: jack-of-all-trades, jackknife, jackpot, jack tar, hijack, union jack, jack straw (scarecrow), apple jack, lumberjack, jackhammer, jackdaw, jack o'lantern, jack-off, jack-in-the-box, jack of clubs (playing cards), etc. The varied uses are traceable to the common use of the word as a by-name of a man.