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Jachol, originally romanized as Jacole and since also as Jakohl is a small town in Final Fantasy V. It is accessible on both Bartz's World and Merged World. It is located on the southwest corner of the map. It is frequented by adventurers who gather in this town as it is located near many ruins, such as the Ronka Ruins and the cave that supposedly leads to Castle of Bal. The inhabitants of Jachol are remnants of the Ronkan civilization.


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The party leader can play a piano at the pub. Playing all the pianos in the world acquires the last song, Hero's Rime. This is the fourth piano the player is likely to encounter, and thus results in the early lessons of finger exercises rather than playing a full song.


Magic Shop[]

Name Cost
Cura 620 gil
Raise 700 gil
Confuse 650 gil
Silence 280 gil
Protect 280 gil
Cure 180 gil
Libra 80 gil
Poisona 90 gil

Armor Shop[]

Name Cost
Green Beret 2,500 gil
Ninja Suit 3,000 gil
Sage's Surplice 1,000 gil

Item Shop[]

Name Cost
Potion 40 gil
Antidote 30 gil
Eye Drop 20 gil
Maiden's Kiss 60 gil
Mallet 50 gil
Gold Needle 150 gil
Phoenix Down 1,000 gil
Tent 250 gil

Weapon Shop[]

Name Cost
Ogre Killer 3,200 gil
Coral Sword 2,800 gil
Mage Masher 900 gil
Trident 2,700 gil
Ashura 5,800 gil
Silver Bow 1,500 gil


Outside (Bartz's World)
Outside (Merged World)

Musical themes[]

"Town Theme" from Final Fantasy V

The background theme for Jachol is "Town Theme" (街のテーマ, Machi no Tēma?).

Behind the scenes[]

The dancing girl asks the player to dance.

A dancing girl in Jachol invites various NPCs from the crowd to dance with her, and breaks the fourth wall by asking the player to dance with her: "And you on the other side of the screen, let's dance."