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JK Voice, usually stylized JK·VOICE, were a guidebook authoring company between 1994 and 1999. They worked with Famitsu to produce a variety of game guides. Their guides were produced before Famitsu was bought from ASCII by Enterbrain, and therefore many of their books had second editions republished by Enterbrain after the buyout. Their first credited guide was a guide for Tactics Ogre. Their only Final Fantasy credited guide is the Final Fantasy Tactics Daizen.

Prior to the establishment of JK Voice, Masashi Handa was involved in guide books from the early 1990s, including the Encyclopedia Dungeon Master: Shintaiken no Tebiki in February, 1992.

In addition to the books they are officially credited for (with their company name on the cover), they are also credited with authoring other books as seen in the credits. The Final Fantasy VII Official Establishment File is one among them.


  • Masashi Handa: Planning, Co-producing, Editing, Scenario writer
  • Takashi Yoneda: Composition, Editing
  • Keishiro Fujimoto
  • Fumiyo Handa: Editing contributions, Photographer


Works ASCII Publication Enterbrain publication
Final Fantasy VII Official Establishment File January 25, 1997
Final Fantasy Tactics Daizen August 22, 1997 October 6, 2000

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