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Ixion is an enemy in Final Fantasy X. He is summoned by Belgemine as a means to train Yuna in her battle against Sin, and it is also fought inside Sin as part of the final battles.



Remiem Temple




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Belgemine is found in the South section on the Moonflow and will challenge Yuna in a duel of aeons and will summon Ixion. Since the same aeon cannot fight each other, Yuna can only summon Valefor or Ifrit. Ixion attacks using his regular physical attack and Aerospark, which deals more damage and dispels all positive status effects. When Ixion loses approximately half of his HP, he will cast Haste, which gives him more turns.

Beating Ixion will award two Dragon Scales. If the player loses, they will receive six Smoke Bombs instead. Regardless of the result, the player will also receive the Summoner's Soul, allowing them to teach aeons new abilities.


It is recommended that one or both of the player's aeons have a full Overdrive gauge before engaging battle. If summoning Ifrit, he can heal on low HP by casting Fire on himself. When Ixion uses Haste it is recommended to use an Overdrive to eliminate him.

Remiem TempleEdit

Ixion is fought after defeating Ifrit. Ixion will use his regular attack and Aerospark as before. He can also spend a turn defending and evading. When he evades the player cannot hit him with a physical attack, however, it is still possible to harm him with magic and special attacks. When he is defending all attacks against him will inflict minimal damage, so the player should use this time to buff up or heal.

Defeating Ixion for the first time will net ten Chocobo Feathers and will unlock Shiva. All subsequent defeats will earn the player eight Power Spheres.


Since the battle is against the player's own aeon, Ixion's stats will be identical to his summon stats. As with other summon battles, losing this battle is almost impossible as the characters have permanent Auto-Life, however, magic and Overdrives make it easier to hit him.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


Ixion appears as an enemy.

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