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Ixion is an Elite Mark from Final Fantasy XII. It can be found in the Penumbra-Interior area of Subterra in the Pharos. The hunt becomes available after the storyline events in the Pharos.

Clan Primer Edit

Hunt 43: Fishy Dreams Edit


Mark Bill.

Petitioner: Whitecap Wench
Petitioner's Location: Balfonheim Port (Quayside Court - The Whitecap)
  • A petition has been submitted for the hunting of Ixion (Rank VI). The petitioner is the Whitecap wench in Balfonheim.
  • Hunt accepted. The Whitecap wench had been having bad dreams on account of said legendary fiend, and wants you to slay it. Ixion can be found in Ridorana.
  • Ixion defeated! Report to the Whitecap wench.
  • Hunt reported. The Whitecap wench richly rewarded you for securing her a restful night of sleep at last.

Bestiary entry Edit

Being a variety of Nightmare, oft told in the Legends of Ridorana. Having the power to turn the Dreams of Men to Terrors, then feeding off its Victims' Anguish. The petitioner of this hunt is a Woman caught nightly by the Dreams, and unable to sleep.


Finding Ixion Edit

Ixion can be found at Pharos's Subterra, on any of the three floors. The lift must be coming down from the first floor. If there are other monsters around, the player should kill all enemies in this area, then take the lift back up to the first floor and try again until there are no enemies around. After running around the circle for a while Ixion will show up.

Battle Edit


Battling Ixion.

If Ixion is fought in the circular section, it will have less HP. Ixion's standard attack is not devastating, but it does chain often and hits quite fast. It likes casting Dispelga. Ixion can use Fearga, which reduces MP drastically. Aside from that, Ixion has a plethora of status-inflicting magick. If Ixion is afflicted with a status ailment it can cast Purify, which removes all of its status ailments. Ixion's most damaging attack is Thundaga.

Strategy Edit

Buffs should be cast often as Ixion uses Dispelga.

The player should bring a lot of X-Potions and curative items. If the party is at a high level they can Berserk Ixion to stop it from casting Purify. The party should finish Ixion quickly when its HP gets low, because it hits hard and fast. A Rubber Suit or Zodiac Escutcheon are helpful against Ixion's Thundaga. In the Zodiac versions, the Diamond Armlet also makes the user immune to Lightning damage. Ixion's Thundaga can be negated with inflicting it with Silence, although Ixion will heal the status with Purify.

All of Ixion's standard attacks, including Thundaga, are Lightning-elemental. To breeze through the battle, the player can equip any character with a Zodiac Escutcheon and cast Decoy on them. Another attacker can equip a Fomalhaut with Silent Shot to make Ixion waste time by having to repeatedly cast Purify.

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Etymology Edit

Ixion was a king of the Lapiths (an ancient tribe of Thessaly) and the son of either the god Ares, Antion, or the notorious evildoer Phlegyas in Greek mythology.

Ixion was summoned to the table of the gods, but rather than being grateful, he immediately tried to seduce Zeus's wife, Hera. Zeus stopped them and then tested Ixion by trying to seduce him with a fake Hera made from a cloud. Ixion slept with her, and was later punished by being strapped to a flaming wheel that flew around the world forever. Meanwhile, the fake Hera gave birth to the Centaurs, thus the reason why Ixion is portrayed by a horse-like creature.

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