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Ixion is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. He is one of several aeons to fall to Shuyin's hatred and is fought at Djose Temple as the final boss of Chapter 3.

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Fiend Arena

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It is useful to equip the Thunder Spawn Garment Grid to absorb all electrical damage. It is recommended to use a Dark Knight, a White Mage (or Alchemist), and the third character should be either a Dark Knight or a Berserker. The healer should use Protect (or a Light Curtain) and the occasional Cura (Mix Potion + Hi-Potion = Mega-Potion). The Dark Knight(s) should repeatedly attack using Darkness, while the Berserker (if one is being used) should use Howl, followed with Berserk. Water-elemental attacks and equipment, including Waterstrike, are especially helpful in dealing with Ixion due to his Water weakness.

Ixion's ultimate attack, Thor's Hammer, is non-elemental and cannot be absorbed.

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Ixion is an optional boss in the Fiend Arena and is stronger than his storyline counterpart. To unlock him, the player must capture and finish the storyline of Machina Striker. This will release Ixion and he can be fought in the Battle Simulator. If all eight aeons are unlocked, the Aeon Cup is unlocked.

Machina Striker can be captured in the Thunder Plains with a Trap pod L once Chapter 5 has begun.

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