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The Iutycyr Tower (ヤドノキの塔, Yadonoki no tō?, lit. Yadonoki Tower) [I:uti se:] is an exclusive dungeon available in Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission and Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission HD Remaster.

The tower dungeon's layout is similar to Via Infinito. It has 80 levels in total, and at every 20th level the player has to fight a boss. On every tenth level, Yuna, Rikku and Paine will have a conversation about what has happened since the events in Final Fantasy X-2. Iutycyr Tower's location in Spira is never revealed, but the presence of tropical foliage suggests that it's in the south of Spira. There are no symbols associated with Yevon found in the tower.


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Three months after defeating Shuyin and Vegnagun, the Gullwings members have gone their separate ways: Yuna is living with Tidus in Besaid, Rikku is working mission after mission, and Paine is wandering Spira by herself. They are brought back together after each received a letter that called them to explore the newly discovered Iutycyr Tower.

As the trio explores the tower ruins, they converse over what they'd been doing since they had separated, and why they hadn't stayed in contact. The conversation escalates as Rikku expresses her jealousy towards Yuna who had reached her goal in life and settled down. The bickering between the pair causes Paine to raise her voice against them. Eventually, Paine reveals she was the one who sent the letters citing it was her wish to not lose the friendship they once shared, having learned from both her previous friendship with Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai, and from her own lonely travels.

The seal on Major Numerus.

On the final floor, the trio encounters Major Numerus, who appears to be sealed or out of order prior to the disturbing of its slumber.

Before attacking the party "CAUTION", "KEEP OUT" and the following verse (a possible reference to the "spiral of death"):

each new death holds
the promise of life
each new life brings
the promise of death
the circle is unbroken

in Spiran script can be read on his body. Major Numerus has to be defeated three times before the final stair can be climbed.

The trio travels to the top of the tower, where they find a broken machina, whose upper part slightly resembles Sin, and not much else. The trio realize the machina resembles their group: broken and separated. As they vow to be more than just strangers who met by chance, becoming friends once again, the machina springs to life and their adventures continue.

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Scaling the tower[]

Moving and battling in the tower is turn-based. Fiends appear on the map, the player chooses their action (which can be moving, changing dresspheres etc.), then the fiends will take an action. Finding an elevator will allow the player to advance to the next floor.

Reaching the 10th, 20th, 40th, 60th and 80th floors earns a new trophy/achievement in the Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster version.


Floors Enemies Treasures
F01 Coyote, Divebeak
F02 Coyote, Divebeak
F03 Coyote, Divebeak, Ahriman
F04 Coyote, Divebeak, Ahriman
F05 Ahriman, Lesser Drake, Sallet
F06 Ahriman, Lesser Drake, Sallet
F07 Lesser Drake, Sallet, Vespa
F08 Lesser Drake, Sallet, Vespa
F09 Machina Hunter, Bully Cap, Vespa
F10 Machina Hunter, Bully Cap, Vespa
F11 Machina Hunter, Bully Cap, Gecko
F12 Machina Hunter, Bully Cap, Gecko
F13 Protean Gel, Gecko
F14 Protean Gel, Gecko
F15 Protean Gel, Cactuar, White Fang
F16 Protean Gel, Cactuar, White Fang
F17 Cactuar, White Fang, King Takouba
F18 Cactuar, Death Dauber, King Takouba
F19 Cactuar, Death Dauber, King Takouba
F20 Death Dauber, Ochu
F21 Flan Azul, Scout Machina, King Takouba
F22 Flan Azul, Scout Machina, King Takouba
F23 Armet, Creeper, Flan Azul
F24 Armet, Creeper, Flan Azul
F25 Gigas, Armet, Pairika
F26 Gigas, Armet, Pairika
F27 Gigas, Cactuar, Pairika
F28 Gigas, Cactuar, Pairika
F29 Peregrine, Fly Eye, Cactuar
F30 Peregrine, Fly Eye, Cactuar
F31 Peregrine, Fly Eye, Canis Major
F32 Peregrine, Fly Eye, Canis Major
F33 Canis Major, Flan Blanco, Boris
F34 Canis Major, Flan Blanco, Boris
F35 Flan Blanco, Assassin Bee, Boris
F36 Flan Blanco, Assassin Bee, Boris
F37 Nashorn, Assassin Bee, Takouba
F38 Nashorn, Assassin Bee, Takouba
F39 Nashorn, Assassin Bee, Takouba
F40 Wild Wolf, Nashorn, Stalwart
F41 Wild Wolf, Flan Amarillo, Zurvan
F42 Wild Wolf, Flan Amarillo, Zurvan
F43 Bicocette, Flan Amarillo, Zurvan
F44 Bicocette, Flan Amarillo, Zurvan
F45 Bicocette, Bomb, Protochimera
F46 Bicocette, Bomb, Protochimera
F47 Guard Machina, Bomb, Protochimera
F48 Guard Machina, Bomb, Protochimera
F49 Spine Drake, Guard Machina, Coeurl
F50 Spine Drake, Guard Machina, Coeurl
F51 Spine Drake, Bolt Drake, Agama
F52 Spine Drake, Bolt Drake, Agama
F53 Bolt Drake, Agama, YLS-99
F54 Bolt Drake, Agama, YLS-99
F55 Mycotoxin, YLS-99
F56 YAU-28, YLS-99, Mycotoxin
F57 YAU-28, Pop Fry, Mycotoxin
F58 Pop Fry, Sahagin, YAU-28
F59 Pop Fry, Sahagin, YAU-28
F60 Sahagin, Tomb, Ultima Weapon
F61 Hug Bug, Flan Palido, King VERMIN!
F62 Hug Bug, Flan Palido, King VERMIN!
F63 Detonator, YAU-71, Balivarha
F64 Detonator, YAU-71, Balivarha
F65 Iron Giant, Barbuta, Varan
F66 Iron Giant, Barbuta, Varan
F67 Hexapod, Barbuta, Shantak
F68 Aranea, Aculeate, Hexapod
F69 Purpurea, Aculeate, Taromaiti
F70 Assault Machina, Amorphous Gel, Purpurea
F71 Assault Machina, Amorphous Gel, Malboro
F72 Malboro, Machina Soldier, Skink
F73 Queen Coeurl, YSLS-Zero, Skink
F74 Queen Coeurl, YSLS-Zero, Skink
F75 Vertigo, Cactuar, Rhyos
F76 Vertigo, Cactuar, Rhyos
F77 Cactuar, Volcano, Hrimthurs
F78 Volcano, Hrimthurs, Killer Hound
F79 Killer Hound, Grim Gaze, Behemoth
F80 Quattour, Fractus

Musical themes[]

The themes that play within Iutycyr Tower are called "Last Mission No.1", "Last Mission No.2" and "Last Mission No.3". The tracks appear in the Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission Original Soundtrack as tracks 4, 5 and 6 respectively.

Behind the scenes[]

If the file used during the Last Mission playthrough is 100% file, an unlockable video will become viewable through the main menu.




In the Japanese version, "yadonoki" is an Al Bhed translation of "maboroshi", meaning phantasm or illusion. In the English version, "iutycyr" is reverse Al Bhed for "eidolon". Eidolon means "unsubstantial image", "reflection", or "phantom" in Greek. It can also mean "idol" and is the source of the Latin word "Idolum". "Eidolon" has been used as a name for summoned monsters in some installments to the Final Fantasy series.

Before the release of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, the tower had been given an alternative English name, as found on a collectable card: "Abrasanym", Al Bhed for "ephemeral". Incidentally, the adjective "ephemeral" is used for manikins of Final Fantasy X characters in the Dissidia games.