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The item transformation bug is an extremely rare bug found only in the SNES and PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy V. The chance to pulling this bug off is about 25%, and it works as follows (using the following as an example):

  • The player should give the character at the top of the list the Freelancer or Mime job class, then equip them with a Ribbon, White Robe or Angel Robe, and a Protect Ring.
  • In a battle one of the other characters should cast Quick, and with one of their attacks, that character must kill themselves.
  • The player must end the fight normally with three of the characters still alive (including the character at the top of the list).

If done right, and when it works, whatever was in that character's hand will be transformed into a different item. If the character, for example, had a weapon in their right hand but nothing in their left hand, they will end up with the item By RPGe (which is a dummied-out item); or, if that character had a Javelin in their left hand with a shield in their right, the Javelin will be transformed into the Ragnarok. It is best to save before attempting this bug.