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Item magic is a form of magic usable in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years that is an alternative to casting Black Magic or White Magic. Instead, item magic is cast by use of certain weapons, and accessible from the item menu.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Item magic is cast by using certain weapons from the Item menu during battle. The weapon must be equipped and spells cast from weapons do not cost MP. All spells can be reflected, except for the Dancing Dagger spell. Item magic spells only target a single enemy. Item magic's spell names are hidden because when the player uses a item, the name used will be the name of the item, which overrides spell names.

In the 3D PC version, an item's spell is cast by selecting the Items option during combat, then Reequip and selecting the weapon one intends to use as if going to swap it for another one. Instead of selecting another weapon, or a blank space to unequip it entirely, selecting it again will prompt the player to select the target for that item's spell.

List of item magic spells[edit | edit source]

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Unique[edit | edit source]

The following spells are unique to item magic and cannot be cast using Black Magic, White Magic, Ninjutsu or Summon.

Item magic Spell Power Weapon(s) Description Image
Magic Arrow 28 Rod Deals minor non-elemental damage on one enemy. TAY PSP Mage Arrow.png
Poisona - Staff Heals the Poison status. TAY PSP Poisona.png
Heal 28 Healing Staff, Healing Rod Restore a small amount of HP to all party members. TAY Heal.png
Basuna - Mythril Staff Heals Berserk, Confuse, Sleep, and Paralyze. TAY PSP Basuna.png
Dancing Dagger - Dancing Dagger, Wizard Rod Deals moderate non-elemental damage on one enemy. TAY Dancing Dagger Magic.png
Healara ? Recovery Rod Restore a moderate amount of HP to all party members. TAY PSP Healara.png
- Tokita Sword TAY PSP Unknown Item Magic.png
- Akiyama Armor Restore all HP and MP to all party members. TAY PSP Full Heal Item Magic.png

Non-Unique[edit | edit source]

These Item magics are usable but can be cast through other means.

Weapon Type Spell Power Spell
Poison Axe Axe - Poison
Elfin Bow Bow - Shell
Dancing Dagger Dagger 40 Dancing Dagger
Triton's Dagger Dagger 28 Flood
Gaia Hammer Hammer 4 Quake
Thor's Hammer Hammer 28 Blitz
Murasame Katana - Protect
Masamune Katana - Haste
Mutsunokami Katana - Blink
Rod Rod 28 Magic Arrow
Ice Rod Rod 8 Blizzard
Flame Rod Rod 12 Fire
Thunder Rod Rod 16 Thunder
Healing Rod Rod 12 Heal
Lilith Rod Rod 32 Osmose
Wizard Rod Rod ? Dancing Dagger
Recovery Rod Rod ? Healara
Polymorph Rod Rod - Pig
Faerie Rod Rod - Confuse
Stardust Rod Rod 28 Comet
Flame Lance Rod 16 Fira
Holy Lance Spear 8 Holy
Staff Staff - Poisona
Healing Staff Staff 12 Heal
Mythril Staff Staff - Basuna
Psycho Spiral Staff - Confuse
Protect Staff Staff - Protect
Aura Staff Staff - Dispel
Master's Staff Staff ? Cura
Sage's Staff Staff - Raise
Seraphim Mace Staff - Esuna
Rune Staff Staff - Silence
Sleep Blade Sword - Sleep
Defender Sword - Protect

Dummied[edit | edit source]

The following weapons were removed from the game, but they will still function when used during battle.

Weapon Type Spell Power Spell
Asura's Rod Rod 8 Holy
Ice Lance Spear 16 Blizzara
Nirvana Staff - Reflect
Tokita Sword Sword -
Akiyama Armor Shield -

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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