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Item Magic is a skillset in Final Fantasy Dimensions usable by any character.

List of Item Magic spellsEdit


The following spells are unique to Item Magic and have no other equivalent in another skillset such as White Magic, Black Magic or Ninjutsu.

Item Magic Description Weapon Image
Divine Shot Zeus Mace FFD-Zeus-Mace-Divine-Shot


The following Item Magics have an equivalent in Black Magic or White Magic.

Weapon Type Spell
Triton's Dagger Knife Flood
Defender Sword Protect
Healing Staff Staff Cure
Cypress Pole Staff Confuse
Earth Staff Staff Quake
Rune Staff Staff Silence
Power Staff Staff Berserk
Judgement Staff Staff Dispel
Sage's Staff Staff Raise
Flame Rod Rod Fire
Ice Rod Rod Blizzard
Thunder Rod Rod Thunder
Poison Rod Rod Poison
Change Rod Rod Toad
Stardust Rod Rod Comet
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