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Istory Falls, also known as Easterly Falls, is a location in Final Fantasy V in both Bartz's world and the merged world, on the mountain range east of Istory. It can only be explored in the merged world. Its top can be accessed by riding Boco, while its interior is accessed via a cave reached via submarine. Inside lies one of the tablets needed to unseal the twelve legendary weapons.


Because Istory Falls is mentioned in the Sealed Tome as a holding place for a tablet,[1] it can be presumed that the cave predates the world being split, which would make it over a thousand years old when visited in Final Fantasy V.[2] Istory Falls was renowned and awed by the villagers of Istory, who would visit the waterfall, though an earthquake (just before Bartz Klauser visited Istory) blocked the road to it.[3] It was also a desirable place to visit around the continent as explorers from Jachol mentioned they wanted to visit.[4]

After Exdeath merged the worlds, a path to Istory Falls opened again with the Sea Floor cave leading to a valley toward it. Bartz and the Light Warriors visited Istory Falls in search of its tablet, after the Sealed Tome mentioned it as one of the locations. They reached the tablet near the waterfall's center where one of the Demons of the Rift confronted them, but was easily subdued by Leviathan. Leviathan then tested the Light Warriors himself, and after being defeated, submitted to them.

When the four crystals were restored in the wake of Exdeath's destruction, the water crystal was placed here.


Istory Falls is located on the northern end of the western continent in both Bartz's world and the merged world, east of the village of Istory. The waterfall itself is immense, as locals describe it as comprising millions of gallons of water,[3] while other adventurers have heard of its impressive size.[4] The waterfall is on a mountain range, making it ordinarily inaccessible; though a road connecting the village of Istory to Istory Falls once existed, it became blocked after a quake.[3] In the merged world, a small desert and patch of land (connected to the Sea Floor) exists just to the waterfall's east.

Inside the waterfall is a cave, with a few constructs. Much like the waterfall outside, the cave is filled with streaming water throughout, often blocking paths. The tablet is located on a round plateau.


The walking through walls glitch can be performed here. The player can get the Magic Lamp here, which allows the party to use summons without expending MP, but the lamp eventually needs charging back at the falls.


Boko finds Magic Lamp.

Name Location
Magic Lamp Waterfall Top
Ether B1
Turtle Shell B1
Air Knife B1
Goliath Tonic B2
Rune Blade B2
Protect Ring B2
Phoenix Down B3
Reflect Ring B3
Artemis Bow B4
12,000 gil B4
Enhancer B3
Titan's Axe B5
Aegis Shield B5
Fuma Shuriken B5
Leviathan B6
Tablet B6


Leviathan confronting one of Exdeath's minions.


Istory Falls is mentioned by non-player characters in Bartz's world, but cannot be visited until the merged world.

In the merged world, Istory Falls can be visited anytime after the submarine is obtained from Catapult, meaning the Island Shrine must be completed first. It is visited to obtain a tablet, and thus to free three more legendary weapons, but can also be visited to fight and obtain Leviathan as a summon. Though Leviathan will always appear after finding the tablet, he does not have to be fought immediately, and the player can choose to return and fight later if they are not ready. Readiness for Leviathan requires equipping Coral Rings to prevent his water attacks from wiping the party.

Musical themes[]

The Final Fantasy V "dungeon theme" is the background theme of Istory Falls.

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