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Isolde Covey also known as Isolde the Eagle-eye is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is part of the newly formed Gunnhildr's Blades, and fights with the Bozjan Resistance during the Save the Queen questline in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion.


Isolde’s parents were respected Bozjans who fled to Dalmasca when war engulfed their homeland, only to look on helplessly as their new haven was forced to join the growing number of imperial provinces. Exhausted by conflict, the Coveys declined the Garlean Empire’s offer to return them to Bozja with their fellow refugees, electing instead to settle in Lea Monde. Thus was Isolde born a provincial citizen, and educated in the imperial doctrine. Her heart, however, was ever drawn to the traditional music and dance of her Bozjan heritage. Its lyrics told the tale of her people’s lives and bond with nature, stories of love plucked on strings and beat on drums. Atop this was layered the dancers’ song, strident voices blending with the booming steps of their furious measure.

From a young age, Isolde dreamed of becoming such a dancer, and so intense was her passion that others began to see her as the hope for a new generation of performers. To realize this dream, however, she would also need to learn the bow. The weapon doubled as an instrument in Bozjan dance, using one bow to saw on the string of another, or twanging the bowstring to keep time. But custom dictated that the bow be no mere prop. As a mark of respect for their ancestors, who were once nomadic hunters, all dancers were fully trained in its use.

Thus when Isolde joined the Resistance she was already an accomplished archer, her steady hand and keen eye soon earning her a place as one of Gunnhildr’s Blades.[1] When the Bozjan Resistance forces were overcome at Volod's outpost in western shores of Igalj Kelo, Bajsaljen ordered a full retreat dispatching his three most trusted lieutenants to cover those in flight. Isolde, Stanik and Xeven succeeded in uniting with the surviving troops, but were ambushed on their return by Albeleo and his regiment, who sought to take advantage of the situation by picking off the Bozjans in their weakened state. The three fought bravely, expertly employing the rocks, the trees─even the corpses of their ill-fated countrymen as a defensive wall against their foe. In the end, however, the Garleans' sheer firepower proved too much to overcome. Knowing they faced total eradication otherwise, Stanik and Xeven entrusted their wounded men to Isolde, then engaged in a diversionary attack, which succeeded in confusing the imperials, and thus buying much-needed time for her escape. Stanik and Xeven were alone and entirely at the mercy of their enemy until dawn when they were saved by Isolde who brought reinforcements.[2]

Isolde fought alongside other Gunnhildr’s Blades members in Bozjan Southern Front and participates in Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore. Before they can celebrate their capture of the Castrum, Misija appears with captive Mikoto. Holding the scholar hostage, she forces the Warrior of Light to use their Echo to delve into the memories held within the relic Save the Queen. As Bajsaljen prepares the Blades to surprise her, Misija summons the primal Gunnhildr and commands to temper the Gunnhildr’s Blades on the location, including Isolde. The Gunnhildr’s Blades followed Misija's commands and killed their own Bozjan Resistance comrades. Eventually Save the Queen's aether distorts the bodies of Isolde, Stanik and Xeven and merged them into a single abominable entity that the Warrior of Light defeats in Delubrum Reginae.



Isolde is a midlander hyur with long pink hair and light blue eyes, she wears a pink flannel knit cap and wears a Bozjan Gilet of Aiming, Bozjan armguards of striking and Griffin Leather boots of healing. She wields the bow Brilliance in battle.


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Isolde the Eagle-eye is an allied npc who helps with several Skirmishes in The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front. Later, she is fought as a boss called Trinity Avowed in Delubrum Reginae Delubrum Reginae.


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