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Island Shrine, also known as the Solitary Island Temple, is a location in Final Fantasy V. It houses one of the the tablets needed to unlock the legendary weapons in the Sealed Castle. It is located on the middle of the Big Bridge on the Merged World and is inaccessible in Bartz's World since it is surrounded by mountains in the middle of the sea.


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The tablet room of the Island Shrine.

Bartz and the rest of the Warriors of Light head to the Island Shrine to obtain a tablet necessary to unseal the sealed weapons. Inside, they find and defeat one of Exdeath's minions, Wendigo.

Completing the Island Shrine will dissipate the barrier in the Fork Tower, allowing entry.

After Neo Exdeath has been felled, the four Crystals are restored, and the Crystal of Wind is placed here.

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Name Location
9000 gil First Floor
12000 gil First Floor
Elixir First Floor
Rising Sun First Floor
Monster-in-a-box: Covert / Pantera
Hi-Potion First Floor hidden in switch room in west wall
Iron Draft First Floor hidden in switch room in east wall
Protect Ring Second Floor
Monster-in-a-box: Mecha Head / Prototype
Crystal Helm Second Floor
Ether Second Floor
Beast Killer Third Floor
Dragon Fang Fifth Floor
Ether Fifth Floor
Dark Matter Seventh Floor
Circlet Seventh Floor


Musical themes[]

"Sealed Away" from Final Fantasy V

The background theme that plays at the Island Shrine is called "Sealed Away."

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