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The Island Closest to Hell is the western-most island on the southwestern side of the Galbadian Continent. It is larger than the Island Closest to Heaven, and easier to locate on a map, but is only accessible by using the Ragnarok.

It is shaped somewhat like a misshapen "X" or an elongated "H". It, along with the Island Closest to Heaven, is known for having some of the strongest monsters, with all of them being level 100. Contrary to the monsters on its counterpart, which rely on status ailments, the monsters found on this island focus on sheer power, possessing high Strength and Vitality. Some enemies also use powerful spells, such as Meteor and Death. They are, however, themselves susceptible to status ailments, unlike monsters in the Island Closest to Heaven.

Like its counterpart, Island Closest to Hell is a useful level grinding spot. As all the monsters are susceptible to Quistis's Limit Break Degenerator, leaving Quistis in HP Critical and junctioning Initiative will allow the party to clear out powerful enemies easily. The monsters' vulnerability to status effects can be exploited by using Doomtrain to disable them before stocking up on rare magic or defeating them with minimal resistance.

Ultima draw point on the island.

There are 31 draw points containing various rare and powerful magic, and it is one of the few locations where the Ultima spell can be found. Not every draw point will be active at the same time, and they take a long time to recharge.


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