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A view of Ishgard.

Ishgard is a city-state in Final Fantasy XIV located in the snowfields of northern Aldenard.

Ishgard is Eorzea's primary source of Chocobos, and their breeders are recognized far and wide. Their deity is Halone.


Every since its founding, when the five knights that slew the wyrm Ratatoskr became its first Archbishop and the leaders of the four houses of Ishgard, the nation has been at constant war with dragon-kind. Among other reasons, this is why they were reluctant to join the Eorzean Alliance against the Garlean Empire, as they lacked the unoccupied manpower.

Political Structure[]

Ishgard's flag, displaying the symbols of all four High Houses.

Ishgard is a strict theocracy led by the church, with the archbishop at its head. Beneath the church, are the four high houses.

The Church of Halone[]

Ishgard's church is headed by Archbishop Thordan VII and his twelve knights, the Heavens' Ward.

The High Houses[]

  • House Haillenarte, whose symbol is the rose.
  • House Durendaire, whose symbol is the bell.
  • House Fortemps, whose symbol is the unicorn.
  • House Dzemael, whose symbol is the tower.


  • The crest of House Fortemps, and by extension, the flag of Ishgard, was one of very few allusions to horses in the original game, in this case a Unicorn.
  • The flag also has Eorzean text on it, reading "Of the Sky, From the Sky, For the Sky".
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