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Irvine is a playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. He wields shotguns in battle and his Limit Break is Shot that allows him to expend various ammo types for different effects. A Triple Triad card based on Irvine can be obtained. He acts as a party leader briefly in D-District Prison and in a sidequest in Fishermans Horizon. He is the last permanent party member to join.

Party memberEdit

Irvine joins the party as they leave Galbadia Garden. His intro pose is to slowly point his gun towards his enemy before bringing it back. His victory pose is to twirl his gun and lay it on his shoulder, fix his hat, and the point.



Irvine wields a shotgun, although being a ranged fighter doesn't give him an edge like in previous Final Fantasy games, as Final Fantasy VIII doesn't have rows in battle. As a marksman and a sniper, he also uses a rifle during the storyline. Irvine's guns are named after famous battleships, the majority being British. Irvine is the only playable character in Final Fantasy VIII who cannot acquire his ultimate weapon before the party has the Ragnarok.

There are four models for Irvine to use:

  • Valiant – Initial model. Described in Weapons Monthly, April Issue.
  • Ulysses – Described in Weapons Monthly, May Issue.
  • Bismarck – Described in Weapons Monthly, July Issue.
  • Exeter – Described in Weapons Monthly, 1st Issue.

Limit BreakEdit

Irvine Shot Limit Break from FFVIII Remastered

Shot is Irvine's Limit Break. When executed, the player can choose from a variety of shot and ammo types and must press R1 to fire at an enemy. The length of the allotted time varies depending on Crisis Level, a hidden stat. This Limit Break consumes ammo that can be bought from shops or refined from items and cards.


LV HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Luck
1 213 1 1 1 0 19 13
10 579 8 6 8 6 21 14
20 977 14 12 14 11 23 15
30 1367 20 16 20 15 25 15
40 1750 25 20 25 19 27 17
50 2124 30 23 30 22 29 17
60 2491 34 26 33 25 31 18
70 2850 37 28 36 27 33 19
80 3202 40 30 39 28 35 20
90 3545 43 31 41 28 37 21
100 3880 45 31 42 28 39 21


The below values are the base compatibility values at the start of the game.

GF Compatibility
Quezacotl 640
Shiva 580
Ifrit 570
Siren 620
Brothers 540
Diablos 610
Carbuncle 590
Leviathan 560
Pandemona 540
Cerberus 650
Alexander 530
Doomtrain 510
Bahamut 520
Cactuar 560
Tonberry 530
Eden 380

Triple TriadEdit

Irvine Card
TTIrvine Element None
Refine 1 refines into 3 Rocket Engines
Drop N/A
Card N/A
Level 10 (Player Card) Win Flo in the Fishermans Horizon as part of Queen of Cards side quest.
CC Group in the Ragnarok in disc 4.

The player can find Irvine from Balamb Garden's second floor classroom when he is not in the party, but if challenged, will say he only plays with girls.


Optional scenes with IrvineEdit

Irvine group

Irvine assembles the party.

Irvine's main side quest is in Fishermans Horizon (see below) but there are couple other scenes with him as well. When the party first leaves Galbadia Garden, Irvine will want to set the party up, and the following scene depends on whether the player accepts the party set-up or not. In Winhill, either Irvine or Quistis needs to be in the party to start the vase quest, although Quistis takes precedence for initiating the scene in the mansion. If the player takes Irvine to liberate Balamb Town, he will admire Zell's gun collection in a scene in his room only to discover they were loaded. In Trabia Garden, Irvine will take a shot at a hoop with a basketball, and whether it goes in or not depends on the number of battles fought.

Fishermans Horizon sidequestEdit

Irvine exploring FH alone from FFVIII Remastered

Irvine can have numerous scenes in Fishermans Horizon when the party first visits the town. The party must meet up with Master Fisherman before taking the lift down into the town the first time they arrive in FH by descending a difficult-to-see ladder next to a large silo, in the screen before the lift. Master Fisherman gives Squall the Occult Fan III magazine and asks Squall to find his apprentice.

After having liberated the town from Galbadia, the party can witness the apprentice boy near the junk shop learn to fish properly, and he wants Squall to tell his master. On the way, Irvine will join Squall, and instead of returning to the Garden, the two must return to Master Fisherman's fishing spot. He asks Squall to follow him to the local hotel, where he tells Squall and Irvine the town's history, then asks if they want to hear more.

Squall must respond positively and follow Master Fisherman out on the docks, and after some more conversation, receives a Megalixir. This will earn 20 SeeD Exp to the player, 0.2 of a SeeD rank.

Master Fisherman will leave, and if the party visits his fishing spot, they can find a Full-life draw point. After completing the side quest the party can later meet Master Fisherman in Shumi Village.

Grease Monkey living on the outskirts of the town owns a Moomba doll. After Squall has met up with Irvine on his way back to Garden, they can instead return to town and visit Grease Monkey to find the Galbadian officer demanding he fix the Iron Clad. After an event, Grease Monkey rewards Squall and Irvine with a Mega-Phoenix.


Irvine can visit Squall's dorm room when he is the party leader.

Later, Irvine is organizing a concert and must choose instruments for each party member. After choosing an instrument the player, now controlling Irvine, can leave the scene and roam around the Garden and the town. Irvine can have a scene with the man by the lift and explain why he follows the "warmongering SeeDs", and visit the sleeping Squall in his dorm. If he visits the Garden library he can get unique dialogue with the Library Girl with a Pigtail and if he visits the classroom, the Trepies ask if he wants to join their club. He can also hear news about himself by checking the terminal in the FH hotel.

Familiar Face unique dialogue to Irvine from FFVIII Remastered

Unique dialogue from Familiar Face #3.

If the player visits the Grease Monkey, they learn the Galbadian officer is back. After a scene, Irvine can receive a Phoenix Down from Grease Monkey, and by examining the officer's body, some ammo for his Shot. If Irvine plays cards in the Garden at this time he is treated the same as if he was Squall; in fact, if the player were to start the Card Club as Irvine, they even refer to him as Squall. After the player chooses the instruments for the concert and moves on with the story, if the player talked to the Familiar Face near the lift as Irvine, he will have unique dialogue if spoken to with Irvine in the party.

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