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Iron Eater.

Iron Eater, also known as Pagdako, is a non-playable Galka character in Final Fantasy XI. He is a distinguished member of the Mythril Musketeers, the Republic of Bastok's finest soldiers. Much of his life is motivated by his admiration for Raogrimm, a previous Musketeer and Galka Talekeeper from Iron Eater's youth, and training under the Galka elder Werei.

Although Iron Eater is his Hume-given name, he does not resent this title as many of his kin would. Instead he believes that a name is irrelevant and that only the person bearing it matters. He therefore instructs his allies to call him by whatever is most convenient.

Starts Quests[]

  • "The Weight of Your Limits"

Involved in Missions[]

  • "Bastok Mission 2-2: Wading Beasts"
  • "Bastok Mission 3-1: The Four Musketeers"
  • "Bastok Mission 5-1: Darkness Rising"
  • "Bastok Mission 6-1: Return of the Talekeeper"
  • "Bastok Mission 8-1: The Chains that Bind Us"
  • "Bastok Mission 8-2: Enter the Talekeeper"
  • "Bastok Mission 9-1: The Salt of the Earth"
  • "Bastok Mission 9-2: Where Two Paths Converge"

Involved in Quests[]

  • "Fires of Discontent"
  • "The Doorman"
  • "Waking the Colossus"

Behind the scenes[]

Iron Eater is referenced in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in the description of the "The Warrior Within" quest item: "A biography of the renowned warrior and sellsword Iron Eater bearing numerous tales of his feats and derring-do".