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Iroha (いろは, Iroha?) is the main character of Final Fantasy XI: Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, the final expansion of Final Fantasy XI.

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Irha is a Hume female with long brown hair tied in a low ponytail and brown eyes. She wears a white top and robe with red trim as well as black pants. She wears red and gold armor plating on he legs, arms and shoulders. She has a red and gold headband.

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Story Edit

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The daughter of Tenzen and Kagero, Iroha is the chief priestess of the Reisen Shrine on Reisenjima and pupil of the Adventurer. Iroha was born in a time when almost all of Vana'diel has been consumed by the Cloud of Darkness with her helping the Adventurer and Tenzen mount a final defense on Reisenjima, witnessing the Adventurer become a god of light by expelling his/her darkness as it assume physical form. But ultimately, the Adventurer ceases to be while his/her counterpart is possessed by the Cloud with Iroha fatally wounded.

However, Tenzen transferred the Phoenix's blessing to save Iroha's life, causing her to remain alone in the blackness until a spirit appeared before her and sends her back in time to Vana'diel in 898. Iroha then makes her way to Reisenjima to find the Adventurer by rowboat. But as she is not under the goddess's protection as a time traveler who came to an age before she was born, it causes time itself to stand against her as it attempts to correct the situation with her death during a storm at the Bastore Sea. But she is saved by Gilgamesh who brings her to Norg where she finds the Adventurer and tells him her story and giving the hero a relic from her shrine, a orb that connects the bearer to the Mothercrystal, before she kneels over.

But she is revived by Phoenix through the lifestream restoring her physical form, though the resurrection placed a strain on her soul. She accompanies the Adventurer and Zeid, only to learn that Volto Oscuro and the mind controlled Avatar Siren had followed her to jump-start the formation of Escha. Iroha used up most of her power to stop Volto from harming the Adventurer before returning to her time and Siren is freed from Oscuro's control. Iroha later returns to the present a few days when the Adventurer searches for Prishe, agreeing to meet Tenzen in Jeuno before meeting Prishe. But Iroha loses her Phoenix's blessing to Volto Oscuro and fades away. While the blessing is restored by Alexander, he tells the party that Phoenix's blessing cannot revive her forever and the only way to save her is with help from Cait Sith. But Cait Sith is unable to assist in the matter as Iroha later appears at the coast, encountering the Siren of her time.

After learning what occurred in her absence, Iroha convinces the Adventurer to train her before the two that a brief rest. After being told she could be saved from her fate by Altana herself, Iroha suggests seeing the Kuluu at the Temple of Ugglepih for clues to how they can meet the deity. They meet the spirit of Grav'iton who suggests Selh'teus may assist them. But Oscuro interferes during the metaphysical meeting and drives the attending Avatars away, forcing Iroha to leave the party to capture Oscuro in the Escha version of Ru'Aun so she can conduct a ritual with Siren and her present-day self Siren Prime that would destroy herself in the process to remove all time-displaced beings Oscuro. But Tenzen stopped them at the last second with Kagero talking sense to Iroha while Oscuro escapes with help from Balamor.

After learning Selh'teus is creating a mothercrystal for Reisenjima, knowing he would by offering his being for its creation, Iroha later meets him in the Empyreal Paradox where she witnesses both the new mothercrystal's creation along with the revelation that Oscuro is a future version of the Adventurer. Iroha used Phoenix's power to save the Adventurer from being consumed by Oscuro's darkness, finding herself on Reisenjima and recuperate in the presence of the mothercrystal that Selh'teus became before the Adventurer finds her as she requests aid in driving off the monsters and Naraka that have infested the island.

Once the Naraka are defeated, Iroha reveals what she remembered about the Adventurer expelling their darkness and felt guilty that only she survived. She also reveals her intend to save the Adventurer from their darkness with the light from orb, later confronting Oscuro in the Ceizak Battlegrounds to force the entity into removing the darkness infused into the Adventurer. But Iroha is mortally wounded by Oscuro and found by Balamor before the Adventurer arrived, having learned Oscuro came into being during the reckoning and died as she was about to reveal important information on the orb. Her spirit is taken to the mothercrystal in Reisenjima. When the Adventurer returns to the Resienjima Sanctorium to seek Selh'teus's help, Iroha learns of the darkness inside the Adventurer and wishes the hero luck in facing Shinryu to have the infused darkness extracted.

When the Adventurer returns from the Abyssea, Iroha realizes the Adventurer sent her back in time to change the events of the Reckoning. Iroha appears after the Adventurer and Oscuro rejoined once they did the Reckoning correctly to restore the flow of the Winds of Time and is delight to know there is a bright future. But Iroha learns the future is unchanged and finds out the Cloud of Darkness has taken residence within the Reisenjima mothercrystal, returning to the crystal in an attempt to fight it. Iroha is nearly killed when the Adventurer arrives to revitalize Phoenix with the energy provided by the Avatars with Selh'teus adding his power to the restoration as well. This causes Iroha's hair and eyes to turn red while she helps the Adventurer defeat a fully manifested Cloud of Darkness. After the Cloud of Darkness is defeated, Iroha and the everyone who the Adventurer touched manage to revive them. She finds the Adventurer and brings them to the shrine where the others wait for them. But with her mission over, Iroha bids her goodbye to the Adventurer and returns to her time after giving her mentor a lock of her hair containing Phoenix's blessing.

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Aloha Iroha Edit

Aloha Iroha

Iroha in the manga.

Iroha appears in the series of four-panel manga illustrated by Tomokichi.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit



Iroha appeared during the "A Maiden's Rhapsody" event in 2015, and again when the event was repeated in 2017. Having mysteriously awoken in Eorzea near Costa del Sol after the events of Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, with only vague memories of her past, she is found by a reporter from Limsa Lominsa and the Warrior of Light, the latter of whom agrees to help train Iroha to master the technique Amatsu: Kyori, in hopes that it might jog her memory. While journeying around the world with the Warrior of Light to complete certain FATEs, she regains her memories and masters Amatsu: Kyori.

Once completed, she recounts her past and the events of Final Fantasy XI, and tells the Warrior of Light that they remind her of her Master. Convinced that her adventures on Eorzea are but a dream, she closes her eyes, resolved to awaken once more in Vana'diel. When she opens her eyes again to find herself still in Limsa Lominsa, much to her confusion, she believes that perhaps it is the will of the Goddess Altana that she remain in Eorzea, and she resolves to continue her training until one day she can return home.

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The Iroha (いろは?) is a Japanese poem, probably written in the Heian era (AD 794–1179). Along with being a treasured example of prose and beauty of transience in Japanese culture, it is also important to Japanese literature and language as an isogram to introduce all syllables to beginning learners.

Trivia Edit

  • In her parting, as her storyline is the final entry in Final Fantasy XI, Iroha breaks the fourth wall by thanking the player for saving Vana'diel for fourteen years.
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