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The Invincible is the largest airship the Ancients ever built! Its engine is powerful enough to fly above the highest mountains!


The Great Ship Invincible is the final airship found in Final Fantasy III. It is located in the Ancient Ruins and obtainable after awakening Unei. The Invincible is similar to a town, complete with an inn and shops for magic, weapons, armor, and items with a place to summon the fat chocobo. In the DS version, the moogle allows access to Mognet. In the iOS/Steam/PSP versions, another moogle allows access to the Bestiary and Achievements.

The Invincible does not land; the party enters and exits it via a ladder. Battles onboard the ship begin with a volley of cannonfire at enemies, and the ship's engines can be temporarily boosted to allow the ship to "jump" over small mountains.


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The Invincible was an enormous battleship built by the Ancients. Despite being considered the grandest airship ever constructed, it fell into obscurity along with the civilization that birthed it when its creators attempted to harness the power of Light for their own gain, inadvertently causing the "Flood of Light" that nearly destroyed the planet. Though the Warriors of Darkness were able to save the world, the Ancients exiled themselves in shame, leaving the Invincible, along with the rest of their innovations, behind.

During their quest to find the four Crystals, the Warriors of Light learn that the Crystal of Earth is hidden beyond a towering mountain range that no modern airship can scale. After speaking with the sorceress Unei, the heroes learn of the Invincible that rests in the Ancient Ruins near the Kingdom of Saronia. After braving the labyrinth's depths along with Unei, the four youths salvage the airship and pass over the mountain peaks to continue their journey.

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The Invincible's bridge.

The Invincible features an enclosed main deck that serves as the bridge that houses its amenities, as well as an exterior upper deck only seen in battle. Players are taken inside the ship automatically when boarding it from the world map, and can also enter it manually while in mid-flight by hitting the "cancel" button.

While inside the ship, players have access to beds to recover HP and MP, four shops, and an area to summon a fat chocobo for item storage by using a Gysahl Green. In the Nintendo DS version, the interior also includes a moogle who can open the Mognet menu. The iOS/Steam/PSP versions include another moogle next the the Mognet moogle; speaking to him will bring up the Bestiary and Achievements pages. Taking the downward stairs will return the player to the world map, while interacting with the ship's wheel will allow them to take control of the airship.


The Invincible has four shops accessible when the player is inside the ship's main deck. These are not manned, but have items placed on a counter that opens a menu when interacted with.

Weapon Shop[]

NES version[]

Name Cost
Defender 16,500 gil
Greataxe 14,000 gil
Tome of Fire 15,000 gil
Tome of Ice 15,000 gil
Tome of Light 15,000 gil
Yoichi Arrow 200 gil
Loki Harp 40,000 gil
Rune Bell 5,500 gil

3D remakes[]

Name Cost
Sleep Arrow 200 gil
Poison Arrow 200 gil
Medusa Arrow 250 gil
Magic Arrow 200 gil
Dark Knife 20,000 gil
Rune Axe 35,000 gil
Dragon Lance 40,000 gil

Armor Shop[]

Name Cost
NES Remake
Diamond Shield 18,000 gil
Diamond Helm 20,000 gil 18,000 gil
Diamond Armor 33,000 gil 32,000 gil
Diamond Bracers 10,000 gil
Diamond Gloves 15,000 gil 10,000 gil
White Robe N/A 27,000 gil
Black Robe N/A 27,000 gil
Gaia Vest 4,000 gil 7,600 gil

Item Shop[]

Name Cost
NES Remake
Potion N/A 50 gil
Hi-Potion 1,200 gil 600 gil
Gold Needle 300 gil 100 gil
Echo Herbs 100 gil
Eye Drops 100 gil 40 gil
Antidote 100 gil 80 gil
Ottershroom 2,000 gil
Gysahl Greens 150 gil
Gnomish Bread 200 gil

Magic Shop[]

Name Cost
NES Remake
Quake 20,000 gil
Breakga 20,000 gil
Drain 20,000 gil
Curaja 20,000 gil
Esuna 20,000 gil
Reflect 20,000 gil

Musical themes[]

The theme that plays when a player pilots the Invincible across the world map is simply called "The Invincible" on the NES version, which appears as track 39 on the original soundtrack. An arranged version appears in the 3D remake which is track 50 of that version's soundtrack.

When the player is exploring the inside of the airship the theme used is called "The Way to the Top" on the NES version, which was renamed "To the Mountain Top" on the DS remake. These are found as track 11 and track 13 on their respective albums.

Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

The Invincible appears as one of the difficulty modes of the Duel Colosseum. The enemy levels in this mode range from 61 to 90.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

The Invincible flying around the Floating Continent.

The Invincible is an Easter egg in the Final Fantasy III stage, The Floating Continent. After the stage transforms, the fog dissipates revealing the Crystal Tower at the horizon and the Invincible appears ascending from the sea of clouds and starts flying around the stage.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival[]

TFFASC FFIII Invincible Reveal.jpg

The Invincible appears as a skin of the "Player Airship" during the update of March 18th, 2018.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Chocobo Racing[]

S.S. Invincible.

The Invincible is a secret racer and the fastest character. Its top speed far excels what a fully customized racer can go to but it has horrible cornering, so it will take some doing to master this racer. As a CPU racer, it will hold every stone it gets, even Haste and Reflect stones, which can make it unfair as absolutely nothing can stand against it. Putting Handicap on it will rise its top speed over 200 MPH.



The name may originate from Stanislaw Lem's story of the same name, where the Invincible is a space ship.


  • Final Fantasy IX also features an airship called the Invincible, though it is otherwise completely different from its Final Fantasy III appearance.
  • Kingdom Hearts II features a series of gummi ship models titled Invincible.