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The party inside the Invidia Underground.

The Invidia Underground (インビディア地下, Inbidia Chika?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. The Invidia Underground is located below the city of Invidia. In order to enter the Invidia Underground the player must have the Magic Key. The dungeon is the resting place for the Ice Dragon that guards the Dragon Harp and the Dragon's Mark. When inside the Invidia Underground, the player must solve a puzzle that involves rotating the four dragon statues.


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After Firaga and the Mythril Hammer failed to hatch the Dragon's Egg, Brandt, Jusqua, and Rekoteh go to the Invidia Underground to find the Dragon Harp. When the party arrives at the bottom of the dungeon, they are attacked by the Ice Dragon guarding the item and manage to defeat it. After defeating the Ice Dragon, the party obtains the Dragon Harp and returns to Invidia.

After being sent fifteen years into the past, the party goes Invidia and meets up with Rekoteh, who is depressed about the fact she cannot see Rolan. The party agrees to help her by obtaining the Dragon's Mark in the Invidia Underground. Using the Magic Key, the party heads to Invidia Underground and are forced to fight the Ice Dragon again. After defeating the Ice Dragon, the party obtains the Dragon's Mark and returns to Invidia.

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Item Location
Inferno Stave Chest located in the southeast corner of the first floor.
Book of Shiva Chest located in the southwest corner of the second floor.


Musical themes[]

The typical dungeon theme, "Cave of Wraiths" (あやかしの洞, Ayakashi no hora?) is the location theme for the Invidia Underground. The track can be found in the original soundtrack as Track 9 and is composed by Naoshi Mizuta.