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Aerith knocks an enemy down with Blizzaga.

Interrupt is a hidden combat mechanic within the Final Fantasy VII Remake battle system, only explained on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania. Interrupt refers to an action's ability to cause a character or enemy to flinch. When a character or enemy becomes interrupted, they will be unable to perform any action for the duration of the interruption, while also cancelling any ability being used or readied. If a party member is interrupted mid-action, any ATB/Limit gauges, as well as MP used, will not be refunded.


Interruption follows a simple formula using two hidden values known as "interrupt strength" and "interrupt defense". An attack will interrupt its target(s) if the attack has a higher interrupt strength than the receiver currently has interrupt defense. Enemies can also be interrupted when specific conditions cause them to become pressured, when they have a targetable part that is crippled, or when they become staggered.

  • Interrupt Strength is a measure of how capable an attack is at interrupting; if this value eclipses the receiver's current Interrupt Defense, than a successful interruption will occur.
    • Set to each hit from an attack
    • Some attacks featuring multiple hits in quick succession may have some of their hits use an interrupt strength of 0
    • Interrupt strength is nullified when the attack is blocked, unless the attack is unblockable
  • Interrupt Defense is a measure of how capable an action is at preventing interruption; if this value eclipses the interrupt strength of the attacker's action, than interruption will be prevented.
    • Party members will use this value while executing commands or attacks
    • Enemies will use this value when they are using commands or attacks
    • Barret will have an interrupt defense of 40 while using anything that would normally provide an interrupt defense of 20 while he is under the effects of Steelskin
  • Base Interrupt Defense is a measure of how capable a character is at preventing interruption. This is their default interrupt defense when not performing any action.
    • Party members have a base interrupt defense of 20
    • Enemies most commonly have a base interrupt defense of 20, 40, or 60
    • Party members and enemies will use this value when they are not using commands or attacks
    • Barret will have a base interrupt defense of 40 while he is under the effects of Steelskin
    • Some enemies can have their interrupt defense temporarily reduced by completing specific prerequisites, usually noted in the Enemy Intel
    • Some enemies can have their interrupt defense temporarily increased by certain conditions

Using commands can alter these values for the respective animation, typically increasing interrupt defense, but occasionally some enemy attacks may decrease this instead. While blocking can cause flinch, this is not considered an interrupt. All actions of a certain type typically use the same interrupt strength and defense around the board, with a few exceptions. If an action falls into one of these categories but does not deal any damage, it will not be capable of causing an interrupt. The general values are as follows:

Interrupt strength and defense values for party member actions
Attack Type Interrupt Strength Interrupt Defense Exceptions
Basic Attacks, Deadly Dodge, Parry 30 20 Combo after Overpower (50str)
Final attack from Barret's melee combo (50str)
Parry (60def)
Character Specials 50 40 First 2 attacks from Punisher Mode combo (30str/20def)
Swap from Punisher Mode to Operator Mode (30str/20def)
Whirling Uppercut (30str/20def)
Uncharged Tempest (30str/20def)
Initial hit from charged Tempest (30str)
Character Abilities 50 40 or 60 Focused Strike (30str)
Fleeting Familiar blue projectiles (30str)
Spells 50 (Tier 1 and 2)
70 (Tier 3)
40 Initial Blizzaga impact (50str)
Initial Aeroga impact (50str)
Limit Breaks 70 60 None

Launch, blowback, and knockdown[]

Launch, blowback, and knockdown are special effects that occur from specific attacks only when an enemy is interrupted by that attack. They are caused by various different attacks and abilities. These are the triggers that most commonly cause enemies to become Pressured, a state where they are vulnerable and more susceptible to being staggered. Certain enemies are immune to some or all of these special effects, and in this situation, will only take a normal interrupt when the special effect would normally occur. If they are affected by one of these, they are guaranteed to become Pressured by it.

  • Launch will send enemies flying upward at varying heights. When they return to the ground, they are affected by knockdown.
  • Blowback will cause enemies to either be pulled in or pushed away. When they return to the ground, they are affected by knockdown.
  • Knockdown will cause enemies to become knocked down to the ground. While an enemy is affected by knockdown, interrupting them without causing launch, blowback, or knockdown again will cause them to regain their footing, prematurely removing the Pressured state.


Interruption can allow players to stun-lock many enemies and prevent them from acting. (Can only be done reliably without spending MP against enemies with 20 or 40 interrupt defense). Enemies can also be stun-locked midair while under the effects of launch or blowback. This can allow the player to keep the enemy Pressured and inactive, since the interruptions will not remove the Pressured state until the enemy is on the ground. This is referred to as "juggling enemies".

Against enemies with 20 interrupt defense, attacking them with basic attacks can easily keep them stun-locked or juggled. Against enemies with 40 interrupt defense, multi-hitting abilities, such as Chi Trap, Maximum Fury, or Ray of Judgment, can typically stun-lock them and keep them juggled, unless the enemy is attacked while they are currently increasing their interrupt defense by using an ability. Enemies with an interrupt defense of 60 are more difficult to keep stun-locked, as only -ga spells, limits, and select summon abilities reach 70 interrupt strength.


Interruption can be used to stun-lock enemies, to pressure and stagger them, and to prevent enemy attacks. Utilizing high interrupt defense abilities can keep the player's character relatively safe from interruption while dealing damage. Understanding how interrupt works and what each attack is capable of can help make better decisions in battle, and improve the flow of combat.

Some interrupt stats were modified between the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

In "Episode INTERmission", Yuffie and Sonon are harder to interrupt when they are synergized, and Ribbon protects against interruption while casting magic.