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Intel Gathering is a quest in Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope", in Final Fantasy VII Remake. While searching for a way to reach the Shinra Building, Tifa Lockhart suggests that Don Corneo may know one. Tifa, Cloud Strife, and Barret Wallace gather intel to learn more.


The objective is to talk to Don Corneo to learn how to reach the plate.

Mythical amulet location.

There is a mythical amulet in a treasure chest within the upstairs of Aerith's house.

Head past Aerith's house, picking up the Pedometer Materia Pedometer Materia just before taking the stairs up Pedometer Materia found from FFVII Remake, head to the Sector 5 Slums Center District and take the southeast path to leave. On the way, the party will see Kyrie Canaan talking to a crowd. Approach her for a cutscene. Along the way to Wall Market, several sidequests are available.

Sidequests and activities[]

At any point, it is possible to talk to Chadley for Battle Intel updates, the option for new materia (if available, the Enemy Skill Materia Enemy Skill Materia is extremely useful) and a chance to battle Leviathan for the Leviathan Materia Leviathan Materia. At this stage, Leviathan is challenging and is better off fought later.

The first quest becomes available by heading southeast, at which point the stablehand gives Gysahl greens and talks to the group to begin "Chocobo Search". This allows the player to use the delivery service to Fast-travel to different parts of Midgar, and many of the chocobos are located next to areas visited in other quests, meaning accepting it first is ideal; if completed, fast-travel becomes free. Heading north allows the player to talk Ms. Folia for the quest "Missing Children", which awards the Time Materia Time Materia. In the children's hideout, Moggie's Moogle Emporium can also be visited for valuable items, including Barret's Steel Pincers Steel Pincers, a melee weapon for built more towards using magic, and Sarah will give hard Whack-a-Box challenges, awarding a transference module for beating them. In the southwest area of the Center District, by the community center, the Doctor can be talked to for the quest "Secret Medicine".

In the north past the district, along Station Way, Damon can be talked to for the sidequest "Corneo's Secret Stash". In the Sector 5 Undercity Station, Johnny offers the sidequest "Tomboy Bandit", both of which cane completed at once. Talking to the merchant near the jukebox at the station also grants the "Descendant of Shinobi" disc.

The Sector 5 slums church is visited for some sidequests. In the back of the church, a talisman is found in a treasure chest, and a Chakra Materia Chakra Materia is found in the back-right room on the floor, though the player may have already returned for it earlier.

In Wall Market, Betty can be found; following her to the jukebox in the south end will lead to the sidequest "The Power of Music", in which several discs can be obtained. In an alley to the right of the Honeybee Inn, a sorcerer's armlet can be found Sorcerers Armlet found in Wall Market from FFVII Remake. Talking to Madam M outside her parlor in the northeast will unlock the quest "Malicious Goons". Andrea Rhodea can be found in the gym in the southwest, and talking to him unlocks the minigame sidequest, "Wavering Heart". Additionally, the Mythril Saber Mythril Saber for Cloud can be purchased, a weapon which greatly improves his magical abilities. The Urban Advancement District of Wall Market, in the southwest area west of the entrance to Corneo's palace, a man can be talked to for the "Wutai" disc. Finally, in the Corneo Colosseum, winning matches can unlock level 2 limit breaks.

In the Sector 6 Slums Evergreen Park, Wymer can be talked to for the quest "Subterranean Menace‎", which will reward Barret a weapon, the Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball, and is required to complete "Secret Medicine". Aside from this, there is little unique beyond Barret's weapon, Big Bertha Big Bertha, sold from a weapons vendor, which can be purchased if the player did not obtain it previously.

All sidequests can be completed before continuing the main story, with the exception of "Corneo's Secret Stash", for which one stash requires access to the Sewer System.

Main quest[]

Path to the sewers.

After reaching Wall Market, the party will decide to talk to Don Corneo to learn how to reach the plate. Head to his palace, and inside, Barret will remark no one is inside. On the bottom floor on the right, passing through a gap obtains a fury ring. Visiting the basement starts a scene with Kotch and gains a Chakra Materia Chakra Materia from him. The other treasures in the mansion are also still available if they were not picked up before.

Head to the top floor and use the middle door to his palace to commence a cutscene. Follow Leslie and he will ask the group to follow him to the Sewer System.

Agreeing to help Leslie will lead to the next quest, "Through the Underground Waterway".

Hard mode tips[]

Pedometer replaced by healing materia.

As several manuscripts are obtained during the sidequests, it is recommended to complete them all when replaying the chapter. The pedometer materia can't be picked up twice, and there is a Healing Materia Healing Materia in its place.