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This will appear and fire a Meteo once it is hit by magic. Then it will use Sleep to vanish again. Absorbs all elemental magic. +10 magic ABP if you win!
—Bestiary entry (PS)

The Intangir is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI. It is fought on Triangle Island in the northeast of the World of Balance, and is easily the most powerful enemy that can be encountered in the first part of the game.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Intangir has more HP than the Ultima Weapon and many end-game enemies. It absorbs all elements and can easily KO the party in one round unless they are at a high level.

The Intangir enters the battle with the Invisible status. The only way to remove Invisible is to strike the Intangir with a spell. When damaged, the Intangir will use the powerful enemy spell version of Meteor. Intangir has two status weaknesses: Slow and Stop.

The Intangir will reapply the Invisible status shortly after attacking with Meteor.

If the Intangir wakes up with 1280 HP or less, it will flee. If slain (except through Doom, which prevents a dying animation), it will use Meteor on whoever slays it as a final attack

The Intangir yields 10 Magic Points after every battle even when it flees, the most in the World of Balance, and rare Magicite Shards can be stolen from them.

Using Relm's Sketch while having Strago in the party allows him to learn the Traveler Lore which Strago can use depending on how many steps the player has taken in the game. Using Intangir's rage allows Strago to learn the Transfusion lore.

Strategy Edit

A good way to defeat Intangir in early game without using bug or glitch is to cast Stop while the Intangir is invisible, and then use physical attacks or non-elemental magic abilities. For physical attacks, Gau's Stray Cat rage has the Cat Scratch attack (X8 damage). Cyan's Bushido has Fang and Flurry. Sabin can use his Blitz Raging Fist and Meteor Strike. Edgar can use his Tools Drill. Don't use Chainsaw since Intangir is Deathproof and Chainsaw has 25% rate to completely miss. For non-elemental magic abilities, Strago can use Stone, Traveler and 1000 Needles. Gau has a couple of non-elemental rages, including Stone (from Zaghrem and Iron Fist), 1000 Needles (from Brainpan) and Meteor (from Behemoth). When fighting in forest, Mog can dance Forest Nocturne, which randomly casts non-elemental Leaf Swirl (7/16) or Wombat (1/16). Another way to efficiently deal damage is to use Edgar's Debilitator to create an elemental weakness and hit Intangir with the player's strongest spells of that element. It will be more efficient to use elemental rods which completely ignores Intangir's magic defense.

Players can exploit the Vanish-Doom bug or the Mu Rage to defeat it in the SNES and PS versions. This does not work in the Advance and subsequent releases.

Setzer's Slot's three 7s cast a modified version of Death that kills Intangir. If the player is playing a game version before Android/IOS/Steam, he can ensure triple 7's by using an Echo Screen with another character before using Slot, and while the reels are running pause and look at the next icon (the icon at the top of the reel), and if it's a 7 quickly unpause while tapping A to select it, and repeat this two more times.

A way to defeat an Intangir in the Advance release is to use the psycho Cyan bug. The player must kill Cyan in the Intangir battle, and revive him, then use another character to cast Cura on him to recover his HP (at least above 1,000). Cyan should then use the Sky Bushido, and someone else must cast Imp on Cyan. Sky should remove Intangir's Invisible status without invoking Meteor, and Cyan should immediately begin attacking once he is in Imp status. For best results, Cyan should not be equipped with a weapon that deals elemental damage, and use the Sniper Eye relic to ensure his attacks always hit. The psycho Cyan bug has been fixed in the iOS, Android and Steam versions.

The player can also use the Confuse-Smoke Bomb glitch. The player should cast Confuse on a party member, and while the animation is running have them use a Smoke Bomb. They will use it on the Intangir who uses his final Meteor, usually killing the person who used the Smoke Bomb. The Confuse-Smoke Bomb glitch has been fixed in the iOS, Android and Steam versions.

Formations Edit

Number Enemies Encounter flags Introduction flag Musical theme Magic AP
Norm. (Normal) Back Surr. (Surrounded) Side
210 Intangir Y N N N Sides, individual Battle 10

AI script Edit

If HP <= 1280:

Target: Self
Flee (100%)

If Var36 is set:

Meteor (100%)
Target: Self
Sleep (100%)
Unset Var36

If killed: Meteor (100%)

If attacked by anything: Set Var36

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

PFF Intangir

Intangir appears as an enemy.

Final Fantasy All the Bravest Edit

Intangir ATB
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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Edit

FFBE Intangir Sprite
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Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

"Intangir" is derived from the word "intangible", which means "untouchable."

It is known in Japan as "Sleeping Lion", and in Italy as "Bell'Addormentato" (lit. Sleeping Beauty).

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