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Use Berserker skills.

In-Game "Help" Description.

Instinct (あばれる, Abareru?, lit. To Violently Act) is a command in Final Fantasy X-2 mainly associated with the Berserker dressphere.

List of abilitiesEdit

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Cripple 20 6 Halves one enemy's HP. None FFX-2 Cripple
Mad Rush 30 6 Heavily damage one enemy. Often fails. Cripple FFX-2 Mad Rush
Crackdown 30 6 Damage one enemy and nullify Shell, Protect, and Reflect. None FFX-2 Crackdown
Eject 40 8 Instantly defeat one enemy. Sometimes fails. Mad Rush FFX-2 Eject
Unhinge 40 8 Damage one enemy and lower its Accuracy and Evasion. Crackdown FFX-2 Unhinge
Intimidate 50 8 Inflict damage and Slow on one enemy. Unhinge FFX-2 Intimidate
Envenom 30 10 Inflicts damage and Poison on one enemy. None FFX-2 Envenom
Hurt 60 10 Damage one enemy according to the user's current HP. Envenom FFX-2 Hurt
Howl 80 N/A Doubles user's max HP. Mad Rush FFX-2 Howl
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