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Inside The Square, subtitled The Making of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, is a three-part web series documenting the development of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII development. They were uploaded to Square Enix Channel for Japanese audiences, and with English closed-captions on the Final Fantasy, Square Enix UK, and PlayStation YouTube channels. Each episode is roughly six minutes, although an extended 30 minute Director's Cut was made with extra footage.

A series of one-off retrospective making ofs in a similar style called Inside Final Fantasy were uploaded to the English Final Fantasy YouTube channel. A similar series called Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake was done for Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Part 1Edit

September 2, 2013, Video

Part 2Edit

December 3, 2013, Video

Part 3Edit

January 7, 2014, Video

Director's CutEdit

February 4, 2014, Video

A half an hour long extended version of the series.

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