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Insecure Seeq

The Insecure Seeq (モテたいシーク, Motetai Shīku?) is a character in Final Fantasy XII.


The Insecure Seeq spends most of his time in Bulward's Technicks shop in Archades. He petitions the party for the Overlord Mark. After Overlord is defeated, he rewards the party but finds that he still isn't all that popular.



Name Stat
Level 41
Weak Fire
Target Info Yes
Max HP 5,358
Max MP 999
Strength 36
Magick Power 21
Vitality 61
Speed 22
Attack Power 63
Defense 13
Magick Resist 26
Evade 15
Magick Evade 0


Name Stat
Status Immunities X-Zone, Petrify, Sleep, Disable, Blind, Poison, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Bubble
Innate Statuses Shell (100%), Protect (50%)
Augments Safety
Gambits (A)*(Very Often) Self: HP < 40% ⇛ Curaga
(B)*(Occasionally) Foe: nearest visible ⇛ Lunge
(C)*(Rarely) Foe: nearest visible ⇛ Heave
(A)*(Very Often) Foe: nearest visible ⇛ Attack


Category Name
Weapon Unarmed