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"Insatiable" (貪欲, Don'yoku?, lit. Greed) is a boss theme in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It was composed by Masayoshi Soken and arranged by Ken Ito and Soken.

It is an arrangement of "Shadowbringers".

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

"Insatiable" plays as the Dungeon Dungeon boss theme in Shadowbringers.

It is the 49th track in Shadowbringers: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.

Since Patch 5.2, "Insatiable (Scions & Sinners)" replaces "Persistence" as the music that plays against the miniboss battles in all of the Shadowbringers dungeons.

"Insatiable (Scions & Sinners)" is the 22nd track in Death Unto Dawn: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

"Insatiable from FINAL FANTASY XIV (Arrangement)" is an arrangement by The Primals which appears in the game.

It is the 4th track on disc 2 in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Original Soundtrack Vol. 3.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

"Insatiable" is included as part of the 7th anniversary medley.

Arrangement album appearances[]

The Primals: Out of the Shadows[]

An arrangement of "Insatiable" appears in The Primals' third album.

Scions & Sinners: Final Fantasy XIV ~Arrangement Album~[]

A band arrangement of "Insatiable" performed by The Primals appears in this album as an extra track, with vocals provided by Jason Miller.