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Crossing the shallow water of Innsmouth Region on a chocobo.

Innsmouth Region (インスマ地方, Insuma Chihō?) is an area of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0. It located east of Akademeia near Eibon Region and becomes available in chapter 5. The area became submerged in the Great Orience War, and may be where the Dominion of Rubrum summoned the Verboten Eidolon Leviathan against the Kingdom of Concordia. Since the drawing of the Pax Codex in 359, the area has belonged to Rubrum.


Innsmouth Coast[]

Innsmouth Coast is a location in the region. The cadets need to ride a chocobo across the shallow waters to get there. A man in the town of Toguagh tasks Class Zero with felling a Concordian soldier here.


The enemies here are between level 39-61.



Sand Banks[]

The only enemies fought on the sand banks reached only by chocobo are the Megamarina flan that appear as fixed encounters. They are level 99 but due to the ease of triggering their Breaksight strike chance they can fairly easily be felled on any level.


Innsmouth, Massachusetts (/ˈɪnzməθ/) is a fictional town created by American author H. P. Lovecraft as a setting for one of his horror stories, and referenced subsequently in other of his works and of those other authors who wrote stories carrying forward the Lovecraftian tradition.