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Inheriting the Past is a time-limited event where Aerith from Final Fantasy VII can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 7.


Story CutscenesEdit

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The Hunted:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 7: Imber Manor before playing.

(Aerith runs away from Kefka and his Magitek Armors)

  • Kefka: Ho ho ho... You're not getting away.
  • Kefka: Not with me and my magitek army on your tail!
  • Kefka: Go go go!
  • Kefka: A girlie with the power of an ancient race'd be a nice piece to control...
A Friend from Home:
  • Cloud: ...Is that!?
  • ???: Ah! Cloud! Tifa!

(Aerith arrives)

  • Tifa: Aerith! You're here!
  • Aerith: Are you really the real Tifa?
  • Cloud: ...So you ran into our manikins.
  • Aerith: You call those dolls manikins, huh? They looked just like you...
  • Aerith: But not this time. It's the real you!
  • Mog: A friend, kupo?
  • Cloud: A friend...from home.
  • Aerith: This isn't our planet, is it?
  • Aerith: I see. That's why I can't hear its voice.
  • Tifa: It's a different planet, but this one has its own crisis right now.
  • Mog: We're fighting to stop this world from being devoured, kupo!
  • Tifa: You'll come with us, won't you?
  • Aerith: Well, I'd love to say, "Of course!" but...
  • Cloud: ...Is there something you're unsure of? If you want to know more, Mog can—
  • Aerith: It's not that...
  • Kefka: I found yoo-hoo!
  • Aerith: Ack, he's here!

(Kefka appears)

  • Kefka: Ack, I'm here! And I have no plans to share your powers with no stinkin' moogles.
  • Aerith: I don't know what you're talking about! I don't have special powers!

(Kuja comes out from a Torsion)

  • Kuja: The poor canary doesn't realize her own potential...
  • Cloud: These guys were after you!
  • Mog: They're bad guys who want to destroy the world, kupo!
  • Kuja: Who're the heroes and who're the villains is for the audience to decide.
  • Tifa: Last time I checked, heroes don't force women to come along with them.
  • Cloud: Stay away from Aerith.
  • Aerith: Thanks, you two! I'm not alone now!
A Faint Presence:
  • Kuja: ...And scene. How about calling it a day?
  • Kefka: Ho ho ho... ...Don't tell me what to do.
  • Kuja: ...Have it your way.

(Kuja exits into the Torsion)

  • Kefka: I intend to! Hasta la pasta!

(Kefka disappears)

  • Cloud: Why were they after you?
  • Aerith: I don't know. This is a different planet, so I didn't think being an Ancient would matter...
  • Aerith: And yet, I have this unpleasant feeling. A murmuring...
  • Mog: ...Can you tell where it's coming from, kupo?
  • Aerith: That forest... No, beyond it perhaps.
  • Mog: Where the Torsion is! You can sense Torsions, kupo!
  • Tifa: Great, come with us.
  • Tifa: We're traveling around to close Torsions.
  • Aerith: Is this why they were after me...?
  • Terra: Kefka, that man who was after you, uses the Torsions to satisfy his...lust for destruction.
  • Terra: Even if the Torsions weren't eating away at the world, we cannot let him do what he wants.
  • Aerith: ...I understand. Count me in.
  • Aerith: I know more about this world.
  • Cloud: Good. It's safer with us.
  • Mog: Great to have you, kupo!
An Unexpected Meeting:
  • Aerith: What's this? Have I gone too far ahead on my poor, lonesome own?
  • Aerith: ...Haha. This should keep them out of trouble...I hope.
  • Kuja: Decided to perform solo after all, have we?
  • Aerith: You again... I could say the same to you.
  • Kuja: I've hated that clown from the beginning. I was only there because, yes...
  • Kuja: It's your motives that intrigue me. An Ancient...was it?
  • Kuja: Why do you accept your fate? You didn't choose to be born an Ancient.
  • Aerith: Perhaps, but...
  • Aerith: There are some things only I can do... Maybe it's...if I can protect what's important to me, then I'll do them.
  • Kuja: This is a miniature garden of the gods... Your fate also could be altered.
  • Aerith: I appreciate the offer. But I'd like to decide something as important as that by myself.
  • Kefka: I do declare, did you stay the little lady for me?

(Kefka appears)

  • Kuja: Spare me the indignity of sharing the stage with a buffoon the likes of you.
  • Kuja: ...Run. The path behind you is good enough for you to get away.
  • Aerith: You're helping me?
  • Kuja: I want to know the truth of this world... For what reason we have been put here.
  • Kuja: If you can sense the distortions, then perhaps...
  • Kefka: Blargh! Ptoey! Boooring!
  • Kefka: If it's there for the using, use it and break it all. That's enough for me!
  • Hope: Aerith, there you are!

(Mog and the rest of the party arrive)

  • Mog: Kupo! She's being attacked!
  • Warrior of Light: After her power...?
  • Kuja: Ay me... This is my exit. If it's a sword dance you want, do it with the clown.
  • Kefka: You're quite the pests, you know that? Let's put you out of my misery!
Kuja and Aerith:
  • Kefka: Harrumph! I don't need your power anyway!

(Kefka disappears)

  • Kuja: ...Pitiful.
  • Zidane: Hold it, Kuja! Why didn't you help Kefka?
  • Aerith: He tried to help me escape.
  • Kuja: ...I had my own reasons to speak with the girl, and nothing more.
  • Zidane: You... What is it you're after...?
  • Kuja: I hate cozy theatrics. I am done here.

(Kuja leaves)

  • Mog: Kupo... And there he goes.
  • Mog: Aerith, are you alright, kupo? It's dangerous to go off on your own.
  • Aerith: I'm okay. I a little lost.
  • Zidane: "A little lost" wouldn't have ended you up all the way out here.
  • Zidane: Are you sure you weren't trying to keep us from getting mixed up in your problems?
  • Zidane: Have a little more faith in us. Or are we that useless?
  • Tifa: Yeah, whatever it is, we can get through it together.
  • Aerith: You're right. I'm sorry. ...Thank you.
  • Mog: Alright, let's regroup and head for the Torsion, kupo!
A Step Forward:
  • Warrior of Light: This Torsion... Something is different from usual.

(The rest of the party arrives to an erratic Torsion)

  • Cloud: Could that be because of what you sensed?
  • Aerith: I don't know. But the voice sounds so sad.
  • Vaan: We'd better hurry and close it, ya think?
  • Warrior of Light: ...It would appear that way.
  • Rem: Will we be able to close it the same way as the others?
  • Mog: The same as always! Get ready for a fight, kupo!
With Friends:

(The Torsion returns to normal and disappears)

  • Aerith: Ah! ...It's gone.
  • Aerith: You've been doing this the whole time?
  • Cloud: ...This time was especially rough.
  • Vincent: Are even greater Torsions appearing...without us even realizing it?
  • Mog: If so, we're gonna need more and more friends, kupo!
  • Terra: Aerith, you'll stay with us, right?
  • Aerith: I will. I want to learn more about everyone else, too.
  • Vincent: Furthermore...why Aerith is here, and repercussions that will have—what are the gods playing at...?
  • Cloud: What's the matter?
  • Vincent: Nothing...but... In this world...I might even be able to atone for my sins...
  • Yuffie: Mr. Broody-Face is at it again.
  • Yuffie: C'mon, our work here is done; let's blow this pop stand!
  • Mog: Everyone back to the airship and we'll resume our journey, kupo!

(Everyone leaves, except Aerith)

  • Aerith: Huh? This feeling...
  • Sephiroth: Heh heh heh... Look who's here...
  • Aerith: Sephiroth...

(Sephiroth appears)

  • Sephiroth: I have no more interest in you... But...
  • Sephiroth: Rousing Cloud's memories make a worthwhile diversion.
  • Aerith: ...You never change.
  • Aerith: I still don't know why I'm here...
  • Aerith: But... I will protect the people important to me!
  • Sephiroth: Hmph... You really don't know...? Or are you just playing dumb?
  • Sephiroth: It won't be long before you know the reason you're here...and what will come from it...

(Sephiroth disappears)

  • Aerith: Weirdo...
  • Aerith: But...what is it I need to do, what is it I can do on this planet...?
  • Aerith: I have so many questions, I guess I can't help but get lost in thought like you-know-who.
  • Aerith: I was lucky enough to find the others, so for now, I should talk it out with them.

(Aerith leaves)

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  • Aerith's event breaks from the usual format of five quests and three cutscenes, featuring six quests and seven cutscenes.
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