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FFIV SNES Infinite Gil

The infinite Gil glitch is a bug in the Final Fantasy series. Usage of this glitch will allow the player to amass a huge sum of gil in a short amount of time compare to normally just gil farming.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy IV Edit

The bug appears on the Super Nintendo version of the game. The player must make two consecutive open spots in their inventory. Afterwards, they must enter into a random battle. They must go into the Item menu and unequip the character's off-hand equipment by selecting the second blank spot in their inventory and moving the cursor to the shield. Afterwards, they must unequip the main-hand equipment by doing it by selecting the weapon and moving it into the empty slot. This should be the same empty slot as the slot used in the previous step but the shield should be moved over by one. Once done, the player must escape the battle with the two shoulder buttons. They player must open the main menu and go to the equipment screen. The empty hand should be messed up. The player must equipped the character's main-hand that was unequipped during battle. It will look normal, but now they must unequip it back into the same slot. It will go missing at this point but that's fine. They player should go into a shop and try to sell the empty slot the equipment disappeared into for a huge sum of gil.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Edit

The bug is only available in the Japanese version of the game. The glitch can only be used in the Multiplayer Mode where the player can drop and pick up gil without affecting, raising or lowering the total amount of gil they are carrying.

The player should open their main menu and choose the option Letters. Next, they should select a letter and while reading it they should press the Select button twice. This will switch back to the GameCube control, and then back to the Game Boy Advance once more. The player should now be able to put down and pick up gil without it affecting their total amount. Put down all of the player's gil, and then pick it all back up with another character, or undo the glitch by selecting the Letters option in the main menu wherein after the player then picks it up themselves.

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