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Final Fantasy VII - Infinite Elixirs Glitch

Final Fantasy VII - Infinite Elixirs Glitch

Glitch in action:

The infinite Elixir glitch is a glitch in Final Fantasy VII involving an item in Great Glacier. In one of the caves there is an Elixir the player can pick up, yet they can still move around with the message box open. If the player exits the cave while the message box is open and returns, the item is still there; thus the player can get another Elixir. The player may repeat this as long as they like to get the maximum amount of Elixirs midway through the game.

This glitch is due to a scripting error. When picking up an item six events usually occur; at the start the script usually disables the player's mobility and will add an item to the inventory, bring up a receipt message, changes a bit to "true" so the game remembers the item has been picked up, and removes the item from the screen, before ending by re-allowing mobility of the player.

In this scenario mobility is not prevented, and since the message appears before the bit is set to "true" but after the item is added to inventory, exiting the room with the message still up will prevent the script from continuing to turn the bit on, thus the item will be there the next time the player enters as the game does not know it was picked up.

This glitch also works with the Potion of this place.

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