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Inferno Hollow is a location in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A volcanic lair located in the Grandshelt Isles's northermost island (and part of the Kingdom of Grandshelt's territories), it is home to the esper Ifrit.

It is an optional dungeon that can be unlocked by going to Port City Lodin and talking to two NPCs, thus unlocking the optional town Ordol Port. Once the player reaches the town, they must talk to the boy below the shop to unlock this dungeon.

The player must defeat Ifrit at the stage 'Inferno Hollow - Fire Beast's Lair' and he will join the party. The stage 'Trial of the Fire Beast' appears when Ifrit (1★) reaches level 30, while 'Trial of the Fire Beast' appears when Ifrit (2★) reaches level 40.


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Long ago, Ifrit was sealed away in the the cave, where it would attack intruders with the ferocity of a savage beast.

Rain and Lasswell are on their way to Dirnado to protect the Wind Crystal, but take a detour and make a trip to Ifrit's cave in hopes of receiving help from the esper so they can become stronger. Upon completing his trial, they are bestowed with his power.

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Inferno means "Hell" in Italian, Portuguese and Galician. It can also mean a large uncontrolled fire.


  • Inferno Hollow is featured in the story event Guardian of the Order.