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The sprawling capital of the great continent of Dirnado. Focusing mainly on airship construction, this city is full of docks and ports. The precise organization of this city alone is a testament to the nation's high level of technical ability.

In-game description.

Industrial City Dilmagia is a town in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is located in the eastern plains of the Dirnado mainland, near the coast. The pride and joy of the Dirnado people, Dilmagia is the only place in Lapis where airships are built. For that reason, envoys from all the different nations go there to buy airships.

During the main scenario, the town is unlocked after clearing Ballen Passage Depths. A place of interest is the Vault, where the player can exchange Gale Keys for items.


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A long time ago, the town that would become Dilmagia was once home to the inventor Carrie, whose research was meant to protect herself and others from monsters. However, they were used for warfare against her wishes. Heartbroken, she destroyed her research to prevent further bloodshed and dedicated the rest of her life to peaceful science. Her philosophy is one reason why Dilmagia is now a neutral region.

It is said that Dilmagia offered the famous dwarf Ruggles to move there, but he declined out of his love for Gronoa's "winds". He lived some 700 years ago approximately and witnessed the great disaster that befell Lapis at the conclusion of the Paladian civil war.

A few hundred years ago, an engineer called Cid (later dubbed the "Father of Airships") taught the dwarves, led by General Nagflar, how to make airships to repay a favor. He also taught the pilot Falma how to pilot the vehicle, and she trained her successors in turn. The process of the first airship ever built in Lapis was recorded by the mysterious artist Melete in a series of paintings. After Cid's disappearance, Nagflar shared the necessary know-hows with humans, thus beginning Dilmagia's airship tradition. At the time, Cid's name quickly became the most prestigious of honors, passed down among airship engineers for fourteen generations after him.

The party arrives at Dilmagia having walked through the Ballen Passage since Maranda Coast. The trio goes to the shipyard to ask whether they can borrow an airship and meet Lid, who is charge. She tells the trio they are out of luck as there are only military airships, which they won't lend to just anybody. Rain thus resigns himself to walking to the Wind Shrine, which Lid hears. She notices that Rain and Lasswell are knights of Grandshelt and will show them the quickest route as long as they protect her, as she needs crystals for her latest work. She also introduces them to Mechabo and the party promptly departs to Dwarves' Forge.

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Dilmagia's town menu identifies the following places:

  • The Residential Area is where the Inn is located and where the player initially appears when visiting the town. It comprises the town's lower levels. The secret Vault, a place unknown to most people, is attended by Boar.
  • A shopping area, located a level above the residential area, houses the Weaponsmith and the Armorer in one floor and the Tool/Material Shop, the Gunsmith and the Accessory Shop in another, both floors connected by an escalator.
  • The Airship Dock is the highest level of the city, where at least three airships are parked. A man prevents access to the hangar that houses military airships, and no one but official staff is allowed there. There is also a shipyard, where the common people aren't allowed to enter if there are nobles around.


Name Client Objective Reward
Job Hunting Boy Deliver 5 water megacrysts Star Quartz x1
"You have been charged with finding a widely sought after material. Head for the sea to hunt for it."
Water Megacrysts can be obtained from collection points in Maranda Coast - Exploration.
To Whom Is This? Woman Deliver the girl's letter Hyper x1
"You've been entrusted with a special letter from a girl to someone very important to her. See it is delivered safely to Kolts."
In order to start the quest, the player must first talk to the woman in front of the weapon shop in Town of Kolts. After talking to her, the player can pick up this quest from the woman at Dilmagia's main entrance. Then they must go talk to the woman in Town of Kolts again, and then talk to a man in Junkyard - Exploration.
A Fair Day's Wage Woman Defeat 15 gloom widows Recipe for Wind Spear
"With the local extermination group company having gone out of business, gloom widows have infested the passage. Play exterminator for a day."
Gloom Widows can be found in Ballen Passage Depths - Singing Caves.
Mind Your Wares Tavern Master Deliver the grindstone Remedy x1
"It is said that dull tools are more dangerous. Fetch a grindstone from Windy Heights so the client can fix their cookware."
The grindstone must be picked up in Windy Heights West - Exploration.
Help Wanted Supervisor Help do work along the shore Mythril Helm x1
"Word has it that there is need of laborers along the Maranda Coast. What manner of work could be in progress there?"
After receiving the quest, the player must go to Maranda Coast - Exploration and talk to the NPC, and then collect all 3 airship parts around the area. When finished, the player must talk to the NPC again back at the entrance to finish the quest and obtain the reward, and then finish the exploration.
Settling the Score Lost Boy's Sister Find the older brother Flame Lance x1
"You've come across a girl headed to Windy Heights to find her brother. Could he be alright? What about... the monsters?"
In Windy Heights West - Exploration, the player must talk to two NPCs in a certain order and then battle against a Terror Knight.
For Her Special Day Former Tech Deliver the pretty shell X-Potion x1
"The big day is on its way! Head to Maranda Coast and collect a shell to be used in the client's daughter's wedding celebration!"
After receiving the quest, the player must get the pretty shell in Maranda Coast - Exploration and then go back to the quest giver, the "Former Tech" on the Airship Docks northern most pier. Then deliver the shell earrings to the bride in Village of Ambel, take her letter and then go back to the quest giver.

The town is involved in the quest "To Each His Own".


Normal Chests
Silver Chests

Silver chests require Magic Keys to open.


Item shop[]

Item Price
Potion 100 gil
Hi-Potion 500 gil
Ether 500 gil
Turbo Ether 2,000 gil
Antidote 100 gil
Eye Drops 100 gil
Smelling Salts 200 gil
Echo Herbs 200 gil
Unicorn Horn 500 gil
Gold Needle 500 gil
Holy Torch 2,000 gil
Grenade 200 gil
Tent 500 gil

Armor shop[]

Armor Price
Mythril Buckler 1,200 gil
Green Beret 500 gil
Mythril Helm 1,200 gil
Silver Cuirass 1,200 gil
Mythril Armor 1,500 gil
Gaia Gear 3,000 gil
Recipe for Mythril Buckler 360 gil
Recipe for Mythril Armor 450 gil

Weapon shop[]

Weapon Price
Mythril Sword 1,000 gil
Buster Sword 1,000 gil
Mythril Mace 900 gil
Mythril Spear 1,600 gil
Wizard's Staff 800 gil
Recipe for Mythril Sword 300 gil
Recipe for Mythril Mace 270 gil
Recipe for Mythril Claws 300 gil
Recipe for Mythril Bow 390 gil


Weapon Price
Altair 480 gil
Capella 480 gil
Vega 1,200 gil
Sirius 1,200 gil

Ability shop[]

Material Price
Alcryst 200 gil
Fire 1,000 gil
Blizzard 1,000 gil
Thunder 1,000 gil

Material shop[]

Item Price
Beast Meat 200 gil
Pearl of Wisdom 200 gil
Allure Powder 200 gil
Esper Cryst 500 gil

Accessories shop[]

Accessory Price
Fire Ring 200 gil
Ice Ring 200 gil
Spark Ring 200 gil
Water Ring 200 gil
Gale Ring 200 gil
Protect Ring 400 gil



  • Industrial City Dilmagia is featured in story event The Phantom Blueprint.