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Mirage being imprisimed

Imprisming is a gameplay mechanic in World of Final Fantasy. It allows Mirage Keepers, such as Lann and Reynn, to contain Mirages inside of prisms, which can then be used for battle or other functions. The player imprisms Mirages in battles to add them to their party for future battles.


In a battle, when the player encounters a Mirage for the first time, they are given an empty prism that corresponds to that Mirage—a prism icon next to the Mirage's name indicates this. In order to imprism the Mirage, the player must attack it in a certain manner or follow a certain requirement—the player may also use Libra to see the exact requirement. Satisfying the requirement places the Mirage in a "prismtunity" state where it can be imprismed, indicated by a shining aura beneath it. A prismtunity only lasts for several turns, but the player can always place the Mirage in the prismstunity state again.

Once the player has created a prismtunity for a Mirage, the player will use the Imprism command in an attempt to imprism it. Imprisming may not work on the first attempt, and the enemy may retaliate with Counter, but the player can still use the same prism limitless times until they do. The less health the Mirage has, the easier it is to imprism it. The player may also repeat the prismtunity requirement to make the primtunity aura stronger, indicated by the aura increasing in intensity and sound with each attempt, making imprisming more successful—there are five tiers of the prismtunity state. The player cannot use the Imprism command when afflicted with the Oblivion status.

When the player successfully imprisms a Mirage, the Mirage is removed from the battle and is considered defeated. The prism then becomes a prismarium, and is removed from the player's Prisms inventory. Imprismed Mirages reward the player with EXP but do not drop any gil or items. After the battle rewards screen, the player is taken to a screen when they can view information of the Mirages they imprsmed, and the player is allowed to rename them if they wish. If the player does not have a full party, they are automatically added to their party, otherwise the player may choose to leave it in the Prism Case or swap out a Mirage already in the party and have it placed there instead. Imprismed Mirages start at level 1 when introduced to the party. Imprisming Mirages also completes their entries in the Mirage Manual.

The player may imprism more than one type of Mirage as long as they have an empty prism that corresponds to it. Duplicate prisms can be obtained by unlocking prism spaces in Mirage Boards.

In Nine Wood Hills, the player may occasionally find a Glowshroom atop Serafie's head. These items temporarily make imprisming Mirages easier.

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In the story, some Mirages cannot be imprismed. Regular Mirages that are unimprismable are seen with dark chains at the beginning of battle and are bound to another master. Defeating the Mirages' master breaks these chains, allowing the player to imprism them. Most bosses are bound to their own spheres of influence called thresholds and cannot be imprismed when the player fights them. Defeating them causes a boss's threshold to shatter, allowing the player to imprism them the next time they encounter them (such as matches at the Coliseum). Certain enemies and bosses cannot be imprismed at all.

When fighting against Vivi in Chapter 15, the player is given an unknown empty prism and is required to imprism Vivi. Attempting to do so abruptly ends the battle and the story proceeds as normal.

WoFF Imprism Eldbox

Searcher being imprisimed with an Eldbox

Later in the game, the player can obtain Eldboxes that are used to imprism mechanical Mirages. Imprisming them follows the same manner as prisms.

In the Maxima version exclusive Hidden Dungeon, a condition that increases the success rate of imprisming Mirages may randomly take effect on a floor.

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Prismtinity Description Mirages
Use physical attacks Use physical attacks. S: Baby Paleberry, Baby Tonberry, Black Nakk, Chocochick, Daigoro, Mandragora, Mini Flan, Mini Golem, Mu, Searcher
M: Babyhemoth, Cockatrice, Gamit, Kaguya Flan, Flan
L: Dark Behemoth, Yojimbo
XL: Behemonster, Bismarck
Deal a lot of damage at once Inflict a large amount of damage on the Mirage with one hit. S: Water Golem
M: Red Cap, Master Tonberry, Tonberry
L: Elasmos, Magitek Armor A, Mega Sharqual, Omega, Omega Bane, Sphinx, Syldra★, Trihyde
XL: Ultima Weapon
Land a critical hit Hit a Mirage with a Critical Hit. S: Ponini
L: Death Machine, Gigantuar, Paleberry King, Red Dragon, Titan, War Machine
Land a counterattack Hit a Mirage with a counterattack. M: Kuza Kit
L: Kuza Beast, Sand Worm
Evade the Mirage's attacks Evade the Mirage's attacks. S: 2P Serafie
L: Chrome Giant
Restore the Mirage's HP Use curative spells or healing items on the Mirage. S: Black Chocochick, Glow Moogle, Mel, Miney, Mo, Moogle, Quachacho, Quacho
M: Moomba
L: Quacho Queen, Quacho Queen★
Restore a lot of the Mirage's HP at once Restore a lot of HP for the Mirage at one time. S: Mist Dragon
L: Phoenix
Give the Mirage gysahl greens. Use Gysahl Greens item on the Mirage. M: Boko, Chocobo
Give the Mirage an elixir Use Elixir item on the Mirage. S: Magic Jar, Magic Pot
Use fire attacks Use fire-elemental abilities or items on the Mirage. S: Flammantoise, Fritt, Reaver Mu, Weeglee
M: Bomb, Entom Guard, Mecha Choco, Sharqual
L: Elite Entom, Entom Soldier, Ifreeta★, Ifrit★
Use ice attacks Use ice-elemental abilities or items on the Mirage. S: Bablizz, Brrblizz, White Nakk
L: Shiva★, Shiva-Ixion, Shivalry★
Use thunder attacks Use thunder-elemental abilities or items on the Mirage. S: Joult, Zapt
L: Ramewl★, Ramuh★
Use water attacks Use water-elemental abilities or items on the Mirage. M: Sea Serpent, Sea Snake
Use earth attacks Use earth-elemental abilities or items on the Mirage. M: Brothertaur, Sylphine
L: Valefor
Use light attacks Use light-elemental abilities on the Mirage. M: Paleberry
L: Holy Dragon, Undead Princess★, Vampire Prime
Use dark attacks Use dark-elemental abilities on the Mirage. M: Nightmare, Vampire
Use fire, ice, and thunder attacks Use fire, ice and thunder-elemental abilities or items on the Mirage. S: Dramut
XL: Cerberus
Reflect magic back Use abilities that cast Reflect to reflect Mirage's magic attacks back at it. S: Death Searcher
M: Carbuncle, Demivampire, Mindflayer, Squidkraken
L: Cenchos
Bestow regen on the Mirage Use abilities that bestow Regen or use Healing Spring item on the Mirage. M: Skull Eater
Bestow protect on the Mirage Use abilities that bestow Protect or use Protect Stone item on the Mirage. M: Goblin Guard
Bestow shell on the Mirage Use abilities that bestow Shell or use Shell Stone item on the Mirage. M: Lead Gnome
Bestow haste on the Mirage Use abilities that bestow Haste or use Haste Stone item on the Mirage. L: Gigantrot
Bestow bravery on the Mirage Use abilities that bestow Bravery on the Mirage. L: Mega Nightsqual
Use magical enhancements on the Mirage Use abilities or items that bestow positive status effects on the Mirage. S: Master Moogle
M: Nut Eater
L: Mythril Giant
XL: Iron Giant
Inflict poison Use abilities that inflict Poison or use Poison Fang item on the Mirage. S: Manticore
M: Cocadrille
L: Kraken, Memecoleous
Inflict confusion Use abilities that inflict Confusion or use Loco Weed item on the Mirage. S: Bombino, Garchimacera, Imp, Lesser Coeurl
M: Red Captain
L: Buer, Minotaur
Inflict sleep Use abilities that inflict Sleep or use Dream Powder item on the Mirage. S: 2P Tama, Korrigan
M: Nightsqual
Inflict blindness Use abilities that inflict Blindness or use Flash Bomb item on the Mirage. S: Ice Bat, Werebat
L: Ahriman, Princess Goblin★
Inflict oblivion Use abilities that inflict Oblivion or use Lethean Chime item on the Mirage. S: Wind Toad, Yurugu
M: Deathskull, Metalliskull, Mordskull
L: Largebuncle, Nidhogg, Tiamat
Inflict berserk Use abilities that inflict Berserk or use War Gong item on the Mirage. S: Kupicaroon, Water Toad
M: Devil Wolf, Gilgamesh
L: Asterius, Mecha Chocobo, Mecha Chocobo★
Inflict slow Use abilities that inflict Slow or use Spider Silk item on the Mirage. S: Cactuar
Inflict doom Use abilities that inflict Doom on the Mirage. L: Coeurl, Kyubi
Inflict status ailments Use abilities or items that inflict negative status effects on the Mirage. S: Spark Dragon
M: Unicorn
L: Malboro, Malboro Menace, Sky Dragon
Inflict defense ↓ Use abilities that inflict defense ↓ on the Mirage. S: Golem Head
L: Adamantoise, Iron Muscles
Inflict evasion ↓ Use abilities that inflict evasion ↓ on the Mirage. S: Master Cactuar
L: Einhänder
Face the Mirage with only one party member Leave one party member to face the Mirage. M: Flan Princess
L: Ultros★
ONCE PER BATTLE: Reduce the Mirage's HP Reduce the Mirage's HP to a certain amount. S: Cactrot, Cactuar Johnny, Kupirate, Lucky Toad, Minimantoise, Red Bonnetberry, Sylph, Vivi *(imprisming triggers a cutscene)
M: Copper Gnome, Dualizard, Goblin, Kobold Mimic, Mimic, Mimic Jackpot, Sistertaur, Topaz Carbuncle, White Chocobo
L: Astraea, Behemoth, Crimson Armor, Fenrir, Ghidra, Iris, King Bomb, Left Claw, Magitek Armor, Magitek Armor P, Magna Roader (Purple), Magna Roader (Red), Magna Roader (Yellow), Right Claw, Sea Worm
ONCE PER BATTLE: Leave only this Mirage standing Eliminate all other Mirages first, leaving only this Mirage. S: Sandicore, Security Eye
M: Bihydra, Blood Eye, Floating Eye


Imprism is a portmanteau of the words "imprison" and "prism".

In optics, a prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light. The traditional geometrical shape is that of a triangular prism with a triangular base and rectangular sides, and in colloquial use "prism" usually refers to this type.

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