Oh, this is simply horrible! I want the performance to be a success...but I don't want Maria to be abducted!

The Impresario

The Impresario is a minor non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. He is in charge of the Opera House and is met during the scenario where the party takes part in a stage performance to meet the famed gambler Setzer Gabbiani, who is in love with the local opera singer.

The Impresario is a blond-haired man who wears a formal clothing with a black ribbon. His hair is styled and he wears a dark blue tuxedo and a white shirt and brown shoes. The Impresario is an anxious man, constantly worrying the performance may be ruined.

Story[edit | edit source]

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The Returners meet the Impresario in Owzer's Mansion, where he mistakes Celes Chere for the opera singer Maria and runs off, dropping a letter. Locke reads it, discovering that Setzer Gabbiani, the owner of the world's only private airship, the Blackjack, is planning to abduct Maria during the next opera.

Needing transportation to Vector in the south, Locke and Celes head to the Opera House and hatch a scheme with the Impresario to let Setzer appear—Celes will impersonate Maria during the opera, and when Setzer captures her, she'll lead Locke and the other Returners to the Blackjack. The Impresario reluctantly agrees, and the opera begins with him and the Returners watching.

During the performance, Ultros sneaks up into the rafters and plans to drop a weight on Celes during the climax, killing her and ruining any chance to meet with Setzer. Locke shows the Impresario a letter from Ultros informing them of his plan, and the Impresario authorizes them to head up into the rafters and stop him. The Returners make their way to Ultros before he can drop the weight, but the struggle sends them plummeting onto the stage, knocking out the two male leads, Ralse and Draco. The Impresario is aghast, until Locke adlibs their arrival into the opera's story. Deciding to make the best of the situation, the Impresario calls for music for their battle with the octopus. After Ultros flees, Setzer appears as planned and whisks Celes away, the Impresario again claiming it is part of the show.

In the World of Ruin, the Impresario remains at the Opera House. He is found panicking when the Earth Dragon perches itself on the stage, and the Returners arrive to dispose of it.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In the SNES version the conductor of the Phantom Train is also named "Impresario", and advises Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan on how to exit the train. The Impresario of the Opera House may have been intended to be called "Conductor", and when his name was changed, the name of the Phantom Train's conductor was changed due to confusion.

The Impresario's title "Dancho" is used to refer to him in the original Japanese Super Famicom version. The original Japanese game also has a relic originally called "Dancho's Mustache", which is called a "Fake Moustache" in English versions. The relic replaces Relm or Gogo's Sketch ability with the Control ability.

The 2013 All Saints Wake (Halloween) event in Final Fantasy XIV features a circus troupe led by a man named "The Impressario".

Etymology[edit | edit source]

An impresario is a person who organizes and often finances concerts, plays or operas, analogous to an artist manager or a film/television producer.

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