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The Imperial Observation Post is a location in Final Fantasy VI. It was set up in order to defend the Cave to the Sealed Gate so only the Empire had access to espers. It also allowed them greater ease of entering the cave. The first time the party comes to the observation post it is full of Imperial troops who will attack the party and throw them out of the base.

Story Edit

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When Terra has to enter the cave to get to the Sealed Gate, the base is mysteriously empty. After the banquet with Emperor Gestahl in the Imperial Palace, depending on how well they answer his questions, the player may or may not have access to the storeroom in the base, which contains numerous treasures with a hidden treasure chest in the lower-right corner of the treasure room.

The base is apparently destroyed in the World of Ruin.

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Items Edit

The following treasures depend on how well the player performed in the Banquet; 67 points and above unlock the treasury.

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